Roo’s Grown-Up Big-Girl Trip to London

My (not so) Tiny Lady has gone on her first ever trip alone.  She’s gone to stay with her Grandma (my mum) and her Auntie Megan (my sister).

Seventy-three miles away in the Big Smoke.

She’s been champing at the bit to spend time with them since I mentioned it to her last week.  In fact, I was a little surprised at just how excited she was; she is a little girl who likes her creature comforts and her familiarity.

But nope, she was adamant:

“You’re not coming, mummy.  You’re going to stay here with Elliot”

So, Wednesday arrived and I managed to hold it together as I was packing her clothes and the toys she wanted to take with her, and whilst I plaited her hair.  I had a bit of a wobble when I helped her with her shoes and coat, but when she gave me a hug and a kiss goodbye and said, “I will miss you, mummy”, well, that was it.

Man overboard. 

I had a little weep as my husband drove off, and then, to add to the melodrama, hugged my toddler boy and told him he’s never ever going away, not even for a weekend.  After that I pulled myself together, made a cup of coffee, and went about my day.

I’ve never been apart from her for three nights before, but I know she’ll be fine, and well cared for, and be lavished with love and affection from my very doting family.  We’ve had a Skype call, and I got to talk to her for approximately two minutes before she wanted to go off and do something else.

She’s coming home on Saturday, and then it will be like she had never gone away.  So as much as I miss her and can’t wait to scoop her up in a big cuddle, I am making the most of having only one child to take care of…

…And not having to read sodding Charlie and Lola books fifty billion times a day.

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  1. Awwww I would feel the same but it will be wonderful for her and your mum and sister to have such quality time with her . (hugs) xx

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