Rockpooling at Lepe

This afternoon Ross and I bundled our brood into the car and drove out to Lepe to get a bit of sea air in their little lungs.

We met up with a friend and his son, played with our kids at the playground, and scrambled about on the shingle.

The tide was right out, and despite our vastly inappropriate footwear, Roo and I navigated the little rockpools and skirted around the slippery sea weed to hunt for crabs and pretty shells.

We found both.  

We walked up a spit out towards the Isle of Wight and skimmed stones.  The children lobbed seaweed and pebbles into the water and Roo walked in up to her ankles.  Cue a long walk back to the car with her on my shoulders because she couldn’t stand her feet slopping about in wet shoes.

Both the kids slept in the car, and for once it didn’t rain at all.  Our laundry was dry on the line when we got home.

It was such a lovely day. More of those are definitely in order.

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