Roast Dinner Pie

Roast Dinner Pie 333

It’s an easy one today, which is fortunate, as I feel like a dying piece of death.  So we are loving our leftovers with roast dinner pie.

I actually constructed this pie on Christmas day, just before I went to bed, with every intention of eating it yesterday.  However, we had turkey quesadillas for lunch, and turkey twice in one day is just too much.  So it had another day in the fridge, and it did it no harm.

It is, as the name suggests just roast dinner in pie form.  I layered (and by layered, I mean lobbed everything into the dish in a somewhat haphazard manner) leftover turkey meat (dark meat and breast meat), stuffing, cut up roast potatoes and parsnips, swede and carrot, sprouts, chopped up chipolata sausages and devils on horseback.  When the pie dish was pretty much full, I poured over some of the gravy, wrapped it in clingfilm and popped it back in the fridge.

Today, I made mashed potato and spread it over, much akin to a cottage or shepherd’s pie.  The mash, unfortunately is looking a little thin on the ground this time, and that is purely because as they were cooking, I retired to the living room to watch a bit of TV with my three year old, and got a bit mesmerised by Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

It’s that damn Hotdog dance.  I am convinced there is some kind of subliminal message hidden in there somewhere.  Probably saying “go to Disney World.  Spend a sinful amount of money on tickets to the Magic Kingdom.  Watch as your offspring join the masses of children who become obsessed with the Disney brand and every shiny, sparkly, wholesome thing it has to offer.  Buy all our merchandise and die penniless, but surrounded by Disney Princess tat and all the Disney Classics on DVD”.  Or something.  But it’s true that when it comes on, without fail, all eyes are fixed on the TV.

Anyway, I overcooked the spuds a little, and they were the floury type that disintegrate, so when I finally drained them, a fair bit went down the sink.  Still, a liberal sprinkling of cheese sorted that out and into the oven went the pie.

40 minutes at 180° and out its transformed from that, to this.

Delicious! It was like Christmas dinner all over again, except without the bread sauce.

I make this after every roast dinner we have, often cooking more than I need to ensure I have enough leftovers to make roast dinner pie for tea the next day.

This post is for my Loving Your Leftovers series.  This week, we have loved our Christmas leftovers by making stock, and turkey quesadillas.  Tomorrow, I’m using up the gravy with toad in the hole.



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  1. You see, the thing is, roast dinner pie is one of the laziest things ever. Whack in the leftovers, cover with mash (or pastry, shop bought, if it’s good enough for Jamie Oliver then it’s good enough for me!), pop in the oven and Bob’s your uncle, Fanny’s your aunt.. and everyone has a nice full tum.

    Except, both my kids refused to eat it, the fussy little monkeys.

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