Revisiting Childhood Holidays

This summer Ross and I are taking our kids on what is possibly going to be the most nostalgic holiday ever.  We are going to France, on Brittany Ferries, to stay in a Siblu holiday park.

Fond memories

I should disclose from the outset that I was lucky enough to have been approached a while ago, and offered this holiday in exchange for reviews of the Siblu park at Le Bois Masson, and the Brittany Ferries crossing.  All opinions are our own, and are an honest reflection of our experiences.

l-r Meg, Dad, Me

When I was a kid, my Dad used to take us on holiday for a couple of weeks during the summer holidays.  I have extremely fond memories of these holidays, from the ferry crossing, the epic drive (and once a trip on a sleeper train) down through France, stopping for lunch which always always involved pâté and cemented my love for Roule cheese smeared on french bread.  To staying in a mobile home, massive thunderstorms in the Pyrenees which we’d watch from inside the caravan and listen to the rain hammering down on the roof, making friends with other kids who you’d never see again after the holiday, mucking about in the pool, and cycling to the on-site kid’s clubs.  Fond memories indeed.

kids we never saw again

My Pa always took his video camera, and on a couple of holidays, we made videos which he edited to look like episodes of Wish You Were Here (remember that?).  Ross and I fully intend to recreate that. Being married to a video producer definitely has it’s advantages.

This photo makes me laugh hard. It should be in that awkward family photos book you can buy from Urban Outfitters

So, this week I have been busy sorting out Elliot’s passport.  He’s going to hate me when he’s older, he looks like a bullfrog in the photo.

Imagine if this was your passport photo. That is my son’s reality.


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  1. Aw you’re son’s passport pic did make me laugh bless him, he’s not impressed with the rigmarole is he?! How lovely to be re-visiting a childhood holiday with your own children, ours were always caravan holidays in Whitby and I’d love to do that again :-) x

  2. Ha! I mean I started off reading the post and thinking how amazeballs it’ll be for you to go away…and french roule…. and videos…. and then I clapped eyes on that photo of you and your sister (giggles #1) and then sweet Elliots photo! (megalolz#2)

    I’m not being a total meanie – it’s just that we just had Ozzys done and he too looks rather… well… amusing ;)

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