Review: Sleep Angel Pillow

sleep angel pillow

So here’s the thing, I really like to sleep.  Not in a hypersomnia kind of way, you understand.  I can’t kip all day (i’d get all squirmy and then feel guilty about wasting the day).  And I’m pretty good at it, too. I can get shut eye pretty much anywhere: on the beach, in a heaving airport terminal, in the car. It’s quite a talent.  But being the mother of a willful toddler son who likes nothing more than to cosleep, with his hand inside my top, I often don’t manage to fall into the deep, dreamless sleep that I like the very best. Plus, the little urchin poppet steals my pillow, leaving me lying on just the mattress. Thanks kid.

So you can imagine my delight when I was offered the Sleep Angel pillow to review.

Hands off, son, mama’s got a brand new pillow.

The first thing you should know about the sleep angel pillow, is that it’s sealed, making it impermeable to those pesky dustmites and nasty bedbugs, and even viruses and bacteria.  There are two filters, one on each side of the pillow that allow air (and according to it’s designer) only air, to circulate.

The second is that it has a microfibre filling – not what I’d normally choose, being a goose feather and down kinda gal. But so far, it’s held it’s shape wonderfully.  My problem with microfibre is that it tends to go flat, and then separates, leaving you with a lumpy, bumpy, uncomfortable and frankly, useless pillow. Totally not so with the sleep Angel. it’s been plumped and bounced on. It’s had two small children sleep on it, and it’s been thrown off the bed and changed in and out of pillow cases and it still looks and feels like a brand new pillow.  It’s not the kind of pillow you sink right into, instead, being slightly firmer you feel supported and comfortable.

In fact, the only real negative I’ve come across so far is that it’s a bit noisy. When you move around on it, it crinkles a little, which I think is probably the filters.  But it hasn’t kept me awake, and so even that isn’t a big deal.

So would I recommend the Sleep Angel pillow? I think so.  At £60 RRP it’s pretty pricey for a microfibre pillow, and it hasn’t converted me from my goose down lovelies, but it does make a lovely addition to my bed and I’m definitely not sharing it.  If you’re a microfibre pillow lover, or suffer from allergens, then this could well be an investment worth making.

sleep angel
LOOK how plumped up my side of the bed is, compared to my husband’s. (I’m not being mean, he only likes one pillow!)

Disclosure: I was sent a Sleep Angel pillow to help aid a restful sleep, all opinions, and beautiful Cath Kidston bedding, are my own.

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