Having been to two blogging conferences in as many weeks, I’ve been inspired to switch my camera over to video mode.  So, I thought I’d try something new with this recipe.  Not only am I blogging about the fishcakes I made for supper, but I am also vlogging about them.

The ingredients I used for my fishcakes were:

Two tuna steaks.  Or you could use a tin of tuna.
3 fairly large potatoes for mashing
2 mini gherkins, finely chopped
1 egg
some breadcrumbs

1) If you are using fresh or frozen tuna steaks, wrap them up into parcels, place on a baking tray and put into a moderate oven for twenty minutes.  If you are using a tin of tuna, you can go straight to step 2.

2) Whilst the fish is cooking, peel and chop your potatoes.  Boil them until tender and then mash with butter, plenty of seasoning and a drop of milk if required.

3) Flake up the fish and add to the mashed potato.  At this point I chopped up my gherkins and chucked them in, and snipped in some chives.  Mix really really well.  If the mixture isn’t sticky, you can add an egg to bind it, but I didn’t find this necessary at all.

4) It’s time to assemble! You’ll need a plate of breadcrumbs, and a plate of one beaten egg.  Mould the tuna and mash mix into patties, like you would a beef burger, dip first in the egg and then in the breadcrumbs.  You want a nice coating of breadcrumbs so don’t be scared of patting them into the fishcakes.

5) Once you’ve made your fishcakes, pop them in the fridge for a while.  This firms them up a treat and makes them easier to handle and flip over when you’re cooking them.

6) I fried my fishcakes in some vegetable oil, but you could bake them.  Frying took approximately 3-5 minutes per side.  Serve with some vegetables and a nice squeeze of lemon.  If you’re feeling fancy they’d be delicious with some sweet chilli sauce.  They would also be nice with baked beans, so I reckon anything goes.

A few points that I realised I didn’t make entirely clear in the video..

1) The oven was on at 180°C.  I have no idea what gas mark that is, but I believe it’s known as a moderate oven.  Pretty much everything cooks at 180°C, right?

2) The tuna cooked in twenty minutes.

3) I did wash my chives after I snipped them from the garden.

4) I did wash my hands after handling the fish/the composter caddy.

5) Everyone in my household LOVED these fishcakes.   There was not a single crumb left on anyone’s plates.

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  1. Will be trying these with Woodrow at the weekend. He loves fish cakes but I’ve never homemade them. You’ve made it seem so simple :-)

    1. OH YAY! I am glad I’ve inspired you! They really are super easy. You need about an hour in total I reckon.

      I hope dear little Woodrow likes them :)

  2. The video is coming up as private ;-( i love recipes like this, that are quick easy and with few ingredients, it makes cooking at home, with and for you kids so much easier! x

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