Picnic in the Park

Last February, my school friend Sarah told us all she was pregnant at a leaving party some friends threw for her.  She was emigrating to the US to marry her fiance Jason.  Pretty soon afterwards she flew 3000 miles West, got married, and last September, sweet little Connor came into the World.

Sarah and Jason

The week before last, they all flew back for a visit and I’ve been lucky enough to see them twice so far, with another trip out with them to London Zoo planned for next week.  And I’m going to take a moment to say that Connor is just the most handsome little boy.  My ovaries, my uterus. They glowed.  GLOWED!


Anyway, broodiness aside, last Saturday, Sarah and Jason threw a 3/4 birthday picnic for Connor (since we’re not going to be there for his actual first birthday) in Regent’s Park.  It was a beautiful day and lovely to see everyone again.  On a whim, I took Ruby’s scooter along, which proved to be a wise move, and my shy girl had fun playing with my friend Tara’s son, even if it did take a sugar high from Connor’s cake for her courage to be sufficiently mustered.

Ruby and Josh

Next wednesday we’re all heading off to London Zoo for the day with the kids.  It will be the last time we spend with Sarah, Jason and Connor as they fly home the next day.  So let’s keep fingers crossed for sunshine and light breezes and for no problems on the Underground, and lots of smiles all round.

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