New Beginnings

We’ve been gearing up to this week for months.  (Not so) Small Daughter has started preschool.

I’ll be honest, I was worried.  Ruby is a child who needs to know what is expected of her, what’s going on, where she is going, and what is going to happen. She does not do particularly well in brand new situations and she isn’t a fan of surprises.  If she finds herself in a situation where she doesn’t know what to expect, she will freak out.  A sad face will be pulled.  There will be tears.

Maybe even a tantrum.

But I was worried over nothing; she was very very excited to start preschool, so excited, in fact, that she ran across the park to get there, stood beaming at all the other little children waiting to go in, and, when I went to collect her three hours later, was informed that she is delightful, and that she joined in nicely and even asked to sing a particular song in circle time.

It sounds like she might well be coming out of her shell, I’m so happy she’s at such a lovely place.

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