My Beautiful Beautiful Shoes

I know he can’t see the dress, but is it bad luck for your husband-to-be to see your wedding shoes before the big day?  If it is, well then we are already doomed.  Because I can’t stop talking about my shoes, and I also can’t stop looking at them.  Every couple of days, I have to have a little peek-a-boo at them sitting there, pretty things, in their shoe box.

And the shoe box is not hidden away from Ross.  It’s sitting on a shelf in our bedroom, and even though I know he won’t be nearly as interested in them as I am, and certainly not interested enough to sneak sly little peeks, he was there when I picked them up from the post office, there when I excitedly ripped open the package, and it’s fair to say he’ll definitely be around when I break them in between now and July 24th.

As much as the National Wedding Show showed me exactly what I didn’t want in my wedding (a long fussy gown, a marzipan-slathered fruit cake, a hen night that involves a pink limousine) I did go home with some great ideas and even some concrete decisions made; a french netting veil, cheesecake of glory and shoes from Harriet Wilde.

You know when you see something, and that’s it, mind’s made up, won’t even bother looking at anything else, because how could anything else even come remotely close? Well, thats how I felt when I saw my shoes.  And the netting embellishment in turn helped me to make up my mind about my veil, which then helped me decide on gypsophila flowers in the table settings and my bouquet.  As odd as it may sound to say I’ve planned the look of my wedding around my shoes, it’s true – these beautiful shoes have really helped me out!

I’ve gone for Bella Ivory with the ivory netting, and aren’t they just the cutest shoes you ever did see?  I just adore the little puff of netting on the toe.  So ridiculously dainty.  The moment I slip my feet into them I instantly feel about ten times more girly and feminine.

And I can’t help but smile.

If you want your own pair (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?) You can pick up the phone and have a chat with Ruth.  Because the only thing better than ordering pretty shoes, is ordering them from someone as nice as she is.

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