Let’s Go Fly A Kite

So here’s a nice thing to do on a Sunday.

Today we celebrated my father-in-law’s birthday by being outdoorsy.  We drove to St Catherine’s Hill in Winchester, climbed up to the top, and flew a kite.


Incidentally, we picked this kite up from Aldi a few weeks ago.  Best random find ever! We bought two – this one and a stunt kite.



It was good and windy at the top of the hill. Both the kids had fun running around, and in Elliot’s case, jumping in cow pats.  Charming boy.  I think, however, Ross and I were more enamoured with our kite than the kids were.





There is a labyrinth at the top of the hill as well, which the kids enjoyed.


After we’d had enough of flying kites and gazing down at the M3, we walked down the hill, along part of the Itchen Navigation path, back to the car and to a pub in Twyford for lunch.

Lovely Sunday was lovely.  Back to school for my girl tomorrow. Hello, 6:30am starts, how I have missed you*

*this may not be true.


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