Juicy Tuesday – Apple, Carrot, Celery and Beetroot Juice (with a twist of orange)

Juicy TuesdayThis week I made what Ruby excitedly calls a ‘pretty princess pink juice’ from apple, carrot, celery and beetroot.  She loves pink things, and before some so-called feminists jump on me and condemn me as a terrible, gender stereotyping mother, guess what: that’s ok.  She also loves turquoise and minty green and zooming around the park in her jeans on her scooter.  Calm down, people.  Have a juice.

Anyway, I made a puce juice, and it was delicious.

To make this blushing beauty, you will need:

  • 2 eating apples.  Royal Gala is nice for this, or Pink Lady. Not Granny Smith.  Never Granny Smith.
  • 2 carrots.
  • 2 sticks of celery, leaves on, if you have them.  No worries if not.
  • 1 medium sized raw beetroot.  It *must* be raw beetroot, not pre-cooked, pickled, vacuum packed or otherwise.
  • 1 slice of orange (and you can juice the rest of it as well, if you like).

apple carrot celery beetroot juice 1

I’ve mentioned previously, the benefits of apples (full of gut-scouring pectin) carrots (a great source of beta carotene) and celery (rich in potassium, sodium and iron) but today I’m going to talk about beetroot:

Beetroot is a bit of a wonder root: it helps lower blood pressure and aids liver function.  It’s also great for building red blood cells, and is rich in vitamins B and C, folate, iron and beta carotene.  Like carrots, beetroot tastes very sweet when juiced, despite being a vegetable, and is great mixed with oranges or cucumbers.  Because of this, it’s easy to get my kids to drink it, whereas, they are not fans of cooked beetroot at all, the tiny fools!

apple carrot celery beetroot juice 3

Juice the lot.  Don’t bother peeling the veg or apple, just give it all a good scrub and top and tail the carrots.  DO peel the orange if you are juicing that, as well, but leave the pith on, as there is loads of goodness in that.  Remember to cut a slice of orange and reserve for a fancy garnish if you are so inclined.

apple carrot celery beetroot juice 2

Serve over ice.  Juices are always at their most delicious when they are cold.

Note: Nutrition information from http://www.juicemaster.com/


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  1. I’m saving all these juice recipes for when my Vitamix of Wonder arrives. I’ve never had a juicer before… well excited! Will this be all you have for breakfast? xx

    1. Is your vitamix a juicer as well as a blender? HOW COOL!

      Umm, I would usually have a juice as well as something else. I actually wrote this the other day and scheduled it as today is a fasting day xx

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