I Love: Fame, a Fragrance by Lady Gaga

I did a squeal when I opened my Glossybox this month, because the first thing I saw inside the box was a sample of Fame.  Well done, Glossybox, you did good. Yes.

The Fame Lady Gaga perfume
Image from Macys.com
The first thing you should know about Gaga’s perfume is that it is black. Yes, opulent and inky and black (worry not, it sprays out clear).  I am told it’s the first eau de parfum to do that.

But it’s scent doesn’t really fit with the bottle it’s encased in, which, let’s face it, looks like a cross between something from War of the Worlds and a grabber machine, and you’d be forgiven for assuming it’d be quite pungent and certainly musky, perhaps even a little overpowering.  But you’d be wrong.  And that is the second thing you should know about Lady Gaga’s perfume: it’s really very feminine.  Floral, sweet and delicate.  It is not overwhelming in the least.  You’d never suspect that, when it was first announced, Gaga said it would be inspired by bodily fluids such as blood and semen.

I for one am definitely pleased she changed direction.  Walking around smelling of menstrual sex never really appealed.  Funnily enough.   

So would I buy a full size bottle of Fame?

Yes!  It’s not a smell I would automatically be drawn to, as I tend to favour fresher, more citrusy scents (my recent favourite being Caudalie’s The de Vigne), but having said that, I really loved Fame and I am really pleased it came in my GlossyBox this month.  It will be on my Christmas list for sure.

Fame by Lady Gaga is readily available to buy on the highstreet, and retails at £55 for 100ml. 

Have you tried Fame by Lady Gaga? Did you like it? 

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  1. ‘Walking around smelling of menstrual sex’

    …… BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA – Best piece of blog writing I’ve read alllll week. I quite liked it too – I was also surprised by the smell. Unfortunately I unsubscribed from GB this month, 3 months of sh*t boxes was enough for me, I’ve got so much hair oil now (which I can’t use on my OILY hair) I could open a Salon. For Reals. Much love darlin xxx

  2. I was really chuffed with this one too, it does smell nice. I’ve got to say it shocked me how nice it was. I’m really digging the black potion look of it too.
    I know most people don’t like them, but I love a perfume sample in the box.

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