I Love: Clinique Chubby Sticks

Clinique Chubby Stick

I treated myself to a Clinique Chubby Stick from the duty free shop on the ferry last week.  I have just about run out of my beloved Laura Mercier lip gloss – which I wore on my wedding day, and just about every day after that.  I think it did very well to last two years.  Anyway, let’s not dwell, onwards and upwards.

But I’d been really drawn to their advertising recently, I am a marketeers wet dream, and when I saw the Chubby Sticks stacked up ever so nicely aboard the good ship Normandie, I figured Clinique and I could still buddy up.  

I don’t often buy Clinique products because, frankly, I find them harsh on my skin.  I went through a phase of using their three-step cleansing regime a few years ago and it really exacerbated my rosacea.  Not chic.  I also tried one of their liquid foundations, and although the colour was good, I didn’t like the texture at all.

Chubby Sticks are not a gloss, or a lipstick, but more of a moisturising coloured balm.  They have a pencil-style applicator which I haven’t seen before, but is easy to use (no lip brush or sharpener required for this bad boy) and nice to apply.  It leaves my lips feeling supple and soft and very moisturised.

The colour is pretty sheer.  I bought mine in chunky cherry, and I really love that it just adds a little bit of colour and isn’t too garish.  I like wearing bright lips, but this will be great for every day use.  It’s definitely earning it’s place as a makeup bag staple.

Clinique Chubby Sticks retail at £16 each and come in 16 different shades.

Move along the bus please, nothing to disclose here.  I haven’t been sent anything, I just really like this product. 

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  1. LOVE your ‘non-disclosure’. Brilliant. You know, I shouldn’t say it, but I think I achieve a similar effect with my cherry chapstick. Don’t be telling any clinique fans that though eh?

    1. I would not be surprised if you do. It is essentially a lip balm. It’s nice to spoil yourself with something fancy once in a while though, eh. Let me know if you find a good alternative to Touche Eclat x

  2. I wasn’t being entirely serious about the chapstick, and your lips sure so look pretty!

    As for replacement YSL TE, best bet is looking like a Boots No7 products from reviews so far. The hunt continues.

    I’d LOVE to just go out and buy a shit load of them, review the lot and send it to a beauty mag. Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to do that.

    1. I’ve used Lacura stuff before and it’s been OK. Might as well give it a go, it’s probably not going to break the bank.

  3. £3.99, be silly not to try it. Funny thing is, I never got on with Touche Eclàt … hence looking for an alternative. :D

  4. This post has made me want one of these very much! So subtle yet lovely. Also not sticky like gloss I imagine? Xx

  5. This post has come at the right time-I have been lusting over these chubby sticks and wondering whether I should-I’m such a MAC deveotee when it comes to lips-right off to get one. Thanks and wit woo to those gorgeous smackers of yours! x

  6. Looks lovely on you! I just find the name “chubby stick” a bit disturbing… I mean, we all know what a chubby is, don’t we ;-D ….

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