This evening, bloggers have come together across the Internet to send healing vibes, or pray, meditate, light a candle, whatever feels right, for Kerry from Multiple Mummy.  Kerry suffered a brain haemorrhage and her recovery hasn’t been plain sailing, with setbacks and complications.

I don’t really consider myself as very religious, and only really chat to the Big Guy Upstairs when something or someone has been on my mind a lot.  I went out with Dee last night and she summed it up nicely for me, I believe in God, but I’m not sure what to do with that belief.  This evening, I joined in, said a little prayer for Kerry and her family and asked God to hold them all and heal her.

Be well, Kerry.  You and your lovely family are in our thoughts and we can’t wait to have you back.

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  1. And I am sure God will listen too, and we’ll all hear that she made it home for Christmas.

    Thank you for adding your prayers to the big pot.

    Liska xxxxxxxxx

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