Happy Birthday to Me (My Naked Face at Twenty Nine)

Oh my days! I’m in my last year of twenties.  This time next year I’ll be 30, and drinking the day away on a beach in Spain, if I get my way. 

Anyway, it’s been a lovely day, and I’ve been spoilt rotten.  Mum and I drove up to Wickham for a mooch around Chesapeake Mill, which is one of my favourite places ever.  Essentially a giant junk shop, Chesapeake Mill has everything from salvaged door knobs to bunting, retro rotary dial telephones to toby jugs.  Today we saw some beautiful curtains, and even a vintage fur coat.  It’s amazing. 

After that, we had lunch and came home in the sunshine. 

Ross gave me Flea Market Chic, an EPIC book full of ideas and inspiration for recycling, upcycling and generally decking out your home on the cheap.  In serendipitous keeping with this theme, my mum made me a moss stitch blanket.  It’s warm and snuggly and a beautiful shade of blue.  My in-laws bought me some ceramic flying swallows, which I absolutely can’t wait to hang, and my friend Kez gave me some atomic coat hooks, and some dainty butterfly drop earrings.  I got gorgeous citronella outdoor candles and tea-light holders from Dee and Priya and some wine and chocolates from my Dad and step mum.  My sister gave me a Cambridge Satchel which I’d been coveting for months and months.  I think this was possibly my very favourite present.  It’s a beautiful pale blue, and she engraved it with an S. 

An actual Cambridge Satchel, you guys.  I want to hug it, and take it to bed with me. 

Anyway, this is not a gloat post about my awesome birthday presents, but my usual Naked Face photo.  For new readers, this is something I do every year.  It’s called The Graceful Ageing Project, and I nabbed the idea from Mandajuice, who’s blog I’ve been reading for yonks.  God knows I love that woman, and if I’m ever in Portland, I am totally getting a bikini wax from her.  Each and every year on my birthday, I post a photo of my face sans any makeup whatsoever.  As I never really leave the house without at least mascara on, the only people who ever see me devoid of slap are my family.  Maybe Kez once or twice.  Never anyone on the school run. 

For old readers, thanks for reading for another year, have a gin.  Make mine a double. 

So without further ado, enjoy the gurn! 

naked face 3

naked face 2

naked face 1

I think I look much the same as last year.  Definitely slimmer, and with better hair (not that you’d know it from these photos).  I’m calmer and happier all round, probably because we know where our next pay cheque is coming from.  We are hopefully selling our flat in London, which will be a load off my mind, as well.  All in all, I’m looking forward to a good year. 

If you’re interested, you can see me at twenty eight, twenty seven, and twenty six.



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  1. Cheque, not check. I blame the default spell check on your Chinese American computer.

    I guess I am an old reader in at least two ways…

  2. firstly Happy Birthday, and secondly wow! you’re not ageing , you’re going back in time – you look the same now as you do 2010 but younger than 2011 & 2012! You don’t need makeup for sure.

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