Half Term (Already?)

How fast has this half term gone? I can hardly believe it’s half term next week, and then only a few weeks until Christmas.  We have a busy week planned.

Fortunately, the playgroup we go to is still running, so we’ll be off there on Monday.  Roo will be joining us, which she hasn’t been able to since she started school.

On Tuesday I am hoping to meet up with Annie, for some serious, and very exciting blogging stuff.  I am not saying much yet, but we have some really amazing stuff in the pipeline and all will become clear very soon.  Basically, keep your eyes peeled and your ears to the ground. It’s going to be epic.

Wednesday is Halloween! I bought a pumpkin to carve today, and I’ve arranged to trick or treat with a neighbour and her little boy. Since Ross won’t be home before we leave, little Elliot will be coming too.  Roo is beside herself at the prospect of copious amounts of sweets and going out, dressed as a bee, in the dark!  I am way more excited about carving the pumpkin! I’ve never made a jack o’ lantern before.

In the morning on Thursday I am packing the kids into the car and going to visit my Dad and step mum in Wiltshire.  We’ll be there until Saturday. They have bunkbeds and Roo is phenomenally excited at the prospect of sleeping on the top bunk.  I don’t know what we’ll do whilst we’re there but there was talk of soft play or a trip to Bristol.  Ross is joining us after work on Friday night in time for dinner.

We’re home on Saturday and off to see some fireworks in the evening. I love bonfire night. Last year we took the kids to Victoria Country Park for an organised display, and hopefully we’ll make it there again. Ross and I might light some sparklers in the garden after the kids are in bed if it’s not raining.

And then all too quickly it will be the end of the week and back to school and routine.  I wanted to get to Ikea for the lavender coloured cupboard and possibly a new rollerblind for Roo’s room, as we’ve managed to break hers, and if you pull it too hard, it comes off the wall, but I’m not sure I’ll have the time, or the inclination after such a busy week.

Do you have any half term plans? 

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