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from the back
from the back

Our trip to Southampton was very successful. I had my hair trial and I’m really happy with how it turned out. As it happens I didn’t even need my hair piece because once it had all been backcombed, my hair was huge. I have honestly never seen it so big. I looked like a lion. And Gary-the-Stylist, decided to go all out with the 1950’s theme and came up with this do which I loved.

So elegant, so sleek, so not something I would ever have the patience or talent to do myself. Hoorah for wedding day pampering.

And the flowers. Oh, the flowers! My bouquet is pretty much sorted. I’ve gone for white hydrangeasteeny tiny pink roses and gypsophila with some foliage. The boys are having a white gerbera each for their buttonholes, I love the idea of a camellia for Mum and Jennie and as soon as we’ve got the bridesmaids dresses I’ll be picking out their bouquets too.

from the front
from the front

Why has this been so easy? But more importantly, what is going to go wrong?!
We’re back down to Southampton on Friday for the weekend and are heading off to the catering hire place on Friday to sort all that out (note to self, MUST have done reception mock up graph paper doodah by then).

Easter weekend has been lovely. We walked round to Mum’s yesterday with Ruby for roast lamb and rhubarb crumble. Ruby has eaten a lot of chocolate for such a tiny toddler and I drank too much wine. Back on the diet today.

I’m watching live coverage of space shuttle Discovery’s STS-131 mission to the International Space Station and embracing my inner astrogeek. Ruby is dancing to NDubz on MTV Hits and whilst she’s happy I really ought to shower.

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