A Graduation

Look at this!

The photo on the left was taken back in September, on Roo’s first day at preschool.  On that day, my mother-in-law dropped round to look after Elliot, and Roo and I walked to school.  She was clutching her book bag in clammy little hands and she was a bit jittery, a mix of excitement and nerves.  She looked a bit lost when I left her, but she didn’t cry.  I called my mum on the walk home, and paced around until it was time to pick her up, three hours later, when I was told she was delightful and that she’d had a wonderful time.

The second photo was taken today, at her preschool graduation, complete with mortar board she decorated herself, laminated certificate, and bottle of bubbles.  Come this September, she’s off to infant school, where she will wear a grey pinafore and white socks every single day. That’s it, another milestone been and gone.  I might get my own bottle of bubbles.  The alcoholic kind that doesn’t come with a special wand.  Any excuse to celebrate, right?

She’s had such a brilliant year.  She’s made a lot of friends, many of whom she’ll be in reception year with.  She’s learnt to write her name, read a few little words, her vocabulary has come on in leaps and bounds, especially since her grommets operation, and the support she’s had from the staff, and particularly her key worker, has been immense.  We really could not have sent her to a better preschool.

Tomorrow is her last day, and I feel oddly sad about that, but also, excited for her next chapter.  It’ll be bittersweet.

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  1. What gorgeous pictures – your little girl is so adorable! I remember the feeling well, B Lloyd ‘graduated’ from preschool this time last year and is about to come to the end of Reception. Unbelievable! Enjoy your summer with her, its an exciting time before Big School starts :)

    1. Thanks :) We have a good summer lined up, I just can’t quite believe she’s already starting school.

  2. aww she looks like she’s grown so much in what isn’t even a whole year! Lovely that they do a graduation, that’s super sweet.
    Princess is starting reception this September too! Am actually really excited about going to Marks and Sparks to buy a tonne of socks and stuff! Ooh and Clarkes for some shiny black shoes! I’m not the only one surely?? lol

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