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Recently, we bought a new fridge.  I chose it not only because it was a nice fridge, with a wine rack, and a brushed metal finish, a large salad drawer and a frost-free freezer, but because it came with a lot of free Joseph Joseph kitchenware.  Which, I think you’ll agree, is a perfectly legitimate reason for choosing a specific appliance. 

Joseph Joseph Nest 9 Plus

I am a sucker for Joseph Joseph.  The bright colours are so cheerful, and the products are good quality, useful, and I like the way they look in my kitchen.  

Anyway, the fridge arrived, and so did my lovely parcel, which included an item I already have – the nest of bowls, worth £44, so I am giving it away to one lucky reader.  These bowls are fabulous! They tuck in to each other really nicely, saving space as well as looking beautiful.  They are all dishwasher safe, and all really useful – there is not a single part of the set I don’t use weekly! 

So if you fancy being in with a chance of winning, fill in the rafflecopter form below.  The competition runs from 12am on Monday June 2nd to 12am on Monday 16th June and is for UK entrants only.  Good luck! 

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  1. Helen Scarth says

    I have a small kitchen with not much cupboard space so these bowls would be really handy for me

  2. Lorna Kennedy says

    My current fave are the Joseph Joseph Indexed chopping boards my husband recently bought for me – great and such a help in the kitchen.

    • imcountingufoz says

      I use my coffee grinder for exactly the same thing! It makes slivered almonds into ground almonds nicely too.

  3. JoAnne Meichtry says

    I love my red kitchenaid that matches my kitchen but I also love my Joseph Joseph stainless steel chopping boards.

  4. Sue Dorking says

    I love my ice-cream scoop, use it for allsorts, scooping pumpkin out of the skin, melon seeds from the melon and of course ice-cream!

    • imcountingufoz says

      I had not thought of using it to scoop seeds out! Going to try that with my butternut squash this week.

  5. Alice Toop says

    my juicer, I use it every day. Drinking juice really makes me feel healthy, especially when i put lemon/lime in it

  6. belinda porter says

    well it was my bin as it was opening itself when you put your hand over it the grandchildren thought it was amazing but it drains batteries so not very user friendly good talking point though

  7. Robin Aitchison says

    My must have kitchen gadget is definately the slow cooker. It is a godsend for arriving home to a well cooked meal after working hard.

  8. Laura T says

    My electric handwhisk. I use it for everything! I was so sad when my really old one broke, and it’s been a struggle to find a good replacement.

  9. Maxine says

    Although I love all my gadgets, I wouldn’t be without my dualit toaster – there is nothing better than hot buttery toast!

    • imcountingufoz says

      Snap! I adore my Dualit toaster as well. Toast always tastes better from a Dualit!

  10. Rachael G says

    My Joseph Joseph double ended magnetic measuring spoon – get used so much and I always know where to find it as it lives on our fridge!

  11. Hilda Hazel Wright says

    Just because its new, my electric grater! I make a salad using a bag of carrots every few days and the grater saves me soooooooo much time and effort! The salad is amazing with lemon juice, ginger, garlic, chilli, cardemom and onion. mmmm!

  12. Edward Guerreiro says

    This is a very easy question for me, it’s my Kenwood CH180 Mini Chopper. It’s amazing, I pretty much use it every day.

  13. Emily says

    My electric whisk – I can make so many more different cakes and soups now and my arms don’t feel like they’re going to fall off afterwards!

  14. Louise Comb says

    My strawberry huller. It makes it so quick and easy to prepare yummy strawberries :)

  15. Peter Hewitt says

    My favourite kitchen gadget is probably my aeropress coffee maker simply elegant and terrific results

  16. Fran Light says

    My hand blender – great for liquidising soups and so much easier to use and clean than a ‘heavy duty’ food mixer/blender :-)

  17. Carol Patrick says

    My electric kettle, fast & efficient (would hate to have to go back to the old whistling kettle on the hob)

  18. Megan Bain says

    Pasta maker, I have tried making it by hand for so long and it’s near impossible without the maker.

  19. Natalie White says

    I love my ‘magic’ tin opener, it’s so much easier to use than a normal one!

  20. Nickie C says

    My potato peeler – I’m too clumsy to just use a knife, so it’s essential and used all the time.


    My electric whisk – I would be lost without it! It just makes baking so much quicker!

  22. Laura Norman says

    I have a josephjoseph chopping board that is slanted and double sided, with spikes to hold meat! It’s the best thing I’ve bought for years…

  23. karen cowley says

    Simply my kettle, have just come back from camping and is something i missed the most xx

  24. Deb Alexander says

    not so much gadget but I couldn’t live without my kettle! Got to have a cuppa first thing in the morning!!!!

  25. Chris Fliss says

    Mine is my old faithful electric hand mixer, mashed potatoes wouldn’t be the same without it :-)

  26. Chris Fletcher says

    Bread maker is pretty awesome – I like the way it does so many things in one device!

  27. saisse sanders says

    It has to be a food processor, I love that I can make homemade coleslaw in minutes with the grater attachment, used to take ages!

  28. Julie Thomas says

    I’ve recently been given a bread maker which takes the ‘slog’ out of breadmaking and produces a really wonderful loaf, its my favourite item

  29. debbie godbolt says

    hi my favourite kitchen gadget is my knife sharpener it make life so much easier with sharp knives x

  30. Helen Humphries says

    Love my blender but favourite has to be slimline scales, so accurate and take up hardly any space!

  31. Paul Dickenson says

    It’s not very high tech, but I don’t think half the stuff I make in my kitchen would turn out half as well without my pallet knife, cake decorating especially!

  32. Teresa Sheldon says

    my measuring cups, as I am uesless at guessing teaspoons, tablespoons, etc and when I used spoons from the cutlery tray It was disatrous

  33. Sarah S says

    My mini chopper is fantastic for blitzing breadcrumbs, pastes, herbs – anything than needs finely chopping

  34. stefanie williams says

    Potato ricer – I lost mine recently (found in my sons toy box of course) and had to go back to a normal masher and it was nowhere near as nice as using the ricer.

  35. debbie jackson says

    my slow cooker as I have now become the master at cooking a chicken properly and garlic press to add flavor

  36. Hayley Todd says

    I love my food mixer ~ I love spending hours baking and without this fabulous little beast, it would take me much longer and result in very sore arms!

  37. Laura Vitty says

    I love my garlic zoom.. I cook with garlic all the time but hate having the smell on my hands for hours afterwards. This little dude solves the problem :)

  38. Jill Cordner says

    My electric scales, me and my boys are always cooking….today it was Peppa Pig cookies, tomorrow Mars Bar crispy bars lol xx

  39. Vanessa F says

    My favourite is the tabbed Joseph Joseph chopping boards because they’re so useful and they look great.

  40. Gillian Turner says

    Microwave, that little dinging object in the corner, that time saving delight…. I <3 my microwave :)

  41. emma speers says

    My kettle – I couldn’t have a normal day without my first cup of tea in the morning!

  42. Wendy Tolhurst says

    My favourite kitchen appliance is my Kitchen Aid – I love it and managed to find a space on my worktop for it so that I can access it easily and therefore get the most use possible out of it.

  43. alison clark says

    My mum has just given me her kenwood chef – I love it like I always knew I would but I use it a lot for cake and find im making more and more :!

  44. rebecca foster says

    My Joseph Joseph spoon base utensil rest because it is so simple and convenient – a great place to rest cooking utensils during use. No need for messy worktops.

  45. Natalie Gillham says

    Me and my children love our electric tin opener that i got for £2 from their school fete, it’s so quick and easy to use :) x

  46. SUSAN L HALL says

    Ive got a GARLIC ZOOM GARLIC CHOPPER ON WHEELS it is fab i used to hate chopping Garlic but now its no hassle

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