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I never thought I’d get hooked on the Olympics.  I didn’t apply for tickets, and now wish I had, and I was on holiday when it all started.  Admittedly, the tweets about the opening ceremony had me intrigued, and when we got home, it was the first thing I watched on iPlayer.  A few tears were shed, and that was that: Hooked! I’ve been watching it every day since, gripped by sports I never cared about before, goose bumpy whenever I hear Chariots of Fire.

My husband is a keen cyclist.  He managed to score a gig filming the Wiggle Super Series for two years running, met up with someone he met on Twitter for a very early morning cycle, and he rides to work every day.  I can’t say watching him peddle off every morning (lately in the rain an awful lot) made me want to join him, but I did admire his reluctance to use the car, even when he came home soaked through to his skin – a fair weather cyclist he is not.

Before the Olympics began this year, he put on a documentary about Victoria Pendleton, and I watched it whilst tweeting and blogging.  I loved it, she’s fab, and so enthusiastic and dedicated.  I switched off the TV with a bit of an urge to get on a bike and have a bit of a pootle around the park.

She certainly made me keen to hire some bikes whilst we were on holiday.  Then, the other day, I switched on the Olympics whilst the women’s keirin was on, and watched her win gold for Great Britain.  GOLD!  The shiniest one!  I was in a bar at the time, drinking cocktails, and the first thing I thought (after I screeched and pointed and whooped in the general direction of the big screen) was that I need to get me a bike, and the second was that although it looks damn tough, I’d really like to have a bash at the velodrome at Calshot.

Two parents who love to ride bikes can only mean exciting things for our children, too.  The Olympic motto is “inspire a generation”.  It really has, and I now have a new role model, and my husband might get a new cycling buddy, so thanks Victoria, you bloody rock.

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  1. Hooray for someone else getting out and cycling, I think you’ll be among many others who’ve been inspired to do that as a result of these games :-)

    Good luck on the track!

  2. They’ve sucked me in too, irony is I’ve never been such a couch potato as right now, whilst I am glued to the Olympics on TV!!

    Going to check out your cycling in France post too, we’re off there at the end of Sept, I plan to do lots of cycling – to get myself back into fitness after all the Olympic watching!

  3. Victoria and the women’s cycling team have been so inspirational. I love cycling, watching and in the past riding.
    I’m happy it’s inspired you.
    Go Victoria – fingers crossed today!

  4. Love cycling (well loved)-this bump can’t get on a bike-was too scared to ride on roads when we were in London but so many fab country cycle paths in Yorkshire will have to take it up when I can again! x

  5. Like your hubby, mine cycles to work. Has done for 2 years now, rain, shine or snow. My son has a balance bike and he loves going on it every day, I’m sure part of the reason he loves it so much is because it makes him like Daddy. I need to retreave my bike from my parents house so we can ride as a family. Ethan can ride his balance bike to and from town quite happily these days (over a mile each way) so it’s nice to know he’s getting exercise. He’s definitely happy on the days he can get out and blow off some steam! x

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