Family Weekend

Last weekend was the penultimate before Ross begins his new job, and whilst we usually try and get outside and do something as a family, this weekend we just chilled out more.  Since as of next monday he’ll be out of the house for over 12 hours a day, he wanted to spend as much time with the kiddiwinks as possible, because once he’s working, he won’t see them much (if at all awake) during the week.

So, on Saturday, we took a walk up to the supermarket, went for lunch at a local bar/cafe, before walking home and eating apple crumble infront of the TV.

There is a second hand furniture shop at the edge of our neighbourhood, and for weeks there had been a lovely wardrobe in the window. I mean, truly, it was stunning.  I think it was Edwardian.  It had a full length mirror in the door, and beautiful ornate carvings, and I knew it would look excellent in the alcove in our bedroom.  I’d nagged Ross about going to look at it for ages, but he was reluctant, and by reluctant, I mean he pretty much forbade me to buy it.  As soon as he was feeling more up for at least finding out the price of it, we walked past and it had gone.  Gutted.  I threw a bit of a hissy fit, and may or may not have stamped my foot.  Right there in the street.


Instead, he promised me a trip to that famous Swedish furniture shop I have a love/hate relationship with, since, as well as a wardrobe, I am in the market for a linen cupboard, and I’ve seen a rather nice lavender hued one that will do nicely.

Sunday was spent in town with my friend Dee, procuring items for a fancy dress party we’re going to next weekend (she as Painkiller Jane, me as Lady Gaga) before slinging a load of washing in the Bosch washing machine at my inlaw’s house whilst sitting down to a roast pork dinner and lovely chat.

Dinner cooked and washing done. Score!

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