Easy-peasy tuna pasta

This is my go to meal when I can’t be bothered to do much.  My husband likes it.  My kids like it.  I like it.  It takes about half an hour to make and you can chuck in as much or as little as you like.  Win-win!

You need:

1 can of tuna (I buy tuna in sunflower oil, so I don’t have to open the cupboard and reach for the olive oil.  Yes, I can be *that* lazy.)

1 tin of tomatoes.

1 onion, diced up.

a handful of frozen peas, sweetcorn, anything else you fancy.

pasta of your choice.

First, put a pan on the hob for your pasta.  Whilst it’s coming to the boil, drain the oil from your tin of tuna into a frying pan, and throw in the onion.  Fry gently so the onion becomes soft, but doesn’t colour.

Then, open your tin of tomatoes and add it to the cooked onion.  If, at this point, you want more fluid, half-fill the can with water, swirl around (to get the remaining tomato juice) and pour into the pan.

Cook this at quite a high heat so the sauce evaporates off and thickens up a bit.

Cook your pasta as per packet instructions, and whilst this is cooking, mix in the tuna and peas.

Once the pasta is cooked, drain it off and mix into the sauce.  Add some cheese if you like.

Told you it was easy.

I grated in a bit of lime zest to ours, and we ate it with garlic bread.  Nice dinner.  Job done!

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