Easter Tea Party with Waitrose

On Thursday, we had an Easter themed tea party for Elliot and Ruby and their friend Kezzie, courtesy of Waitrose. 

We served up lemon drizzle cake (my favourite. Syrupy and sweet and lemony), and ginger slices.  Gluten free, as my friend Priya was invited and she can’t eat wheat. 


Strawberries and blueberries in little bowls.  I’m very skeptical of getting strawberries out of season, as they are often woody and tasteless.  But these were plump, juicy and sweet.


And homemade smoked mackerel pate on oatcakes.  I make this mackerel pate a lot – it is made from only three ingredients and is just delicious spread on toast, or with carrot sticks dipped in.  Or on oatcakes.  It takes mere moments to make and one packet of smoked mackerel makes enough to last a couple of days. 

mackerel pate

Of course, it wouldn’t be Easter without some hot cross buns. Unsurprisingly, Waitrose have a huge range, but we went for cinnamon and raisin and date and cranberry.  Both delicious toasted with salty butter.

Waitrose Hot Cross Buns

citrus iced tea

All washed down with citrus iced tea I’d made the day before.

If you fancied hosting your own afternoon tea, Waitrose has loads of ideas and baking bits and pieces here to get you on your way. 

And if you still have a week of the Easter holidays left, here are some ideas of how to fill the week.


Disclosure: Waitrose kindly sent me a voucher to host our tea party.  All opinions are our own.  


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