Every Easter we go to Church. We sometimes go to church at other times as well, but the Easter Sunday service is one we always make an effort to go to. I wouldn’t say our family are particularly religious; we don’t spend time reading the Bible, we don’t often say grace before a meal, or indeed pray much at all, we don’t go to church every week, or even every other week, and I don’t think any of us believe in a dude with a beard sitting up beyond the clouds.


I don’t think any of us really know what we believe, but it’s sometimes nice to think there might be something else after life is snuffed out. And our church has a lovely, homely, family feel about it, and the congregation really do care about each other.

This Easter Sunday turned out to be much more reflective than usual because our whole community received some devastating news that, out of respect, I’m not going to share here. I thought about the meaning of the weekend, of new life and of hope and resurrection more than I thought about where my next Cadbury’s Mini Egg was coming from. Don’t get me wrong, I thought about easter eggs a lot, but I also learnt a lot about cherishing my small children, and I hugged them just that little bit tighter.

It was a happy day, tinged with sadness.

Our church-going was followed by a lovely afternoon spent with my family. We drank a lot of Pimm’s and Kir (Is it still a Kir P├ętillant if the sparkles in the wine are from carbonated water? no?). My mum and sister organised an Easter hunt for Ruby, who was spoilt rotten with crafty bits and pieces, chocolate and a Little Mermaid t-shirt.

Ariel is her favourite. Isn’t Ariel everyone’s favourite?

It was lovely as this year she’s old enough to enjoy easter hunts and crafty presents and not be completely confused by it all.

We sat down to slow roasted lamb, followed by meringue with lemon curd, creme fraiche and raspberries for lunch. After that, we spent time in the gardens where our wedding reception was held last summer, crashed a game of croquet before coming home.

All in all, it was a pretty excellent day.




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