Dream Kitchen

dream kitchenWhen I go shopping, I like to take my time.  Meander around the shops as if I have all the time in the world to peruse the merchandise, then treat myself to a coffee and a thigh-expanding chocolate brownie whilst I lovingly look at (and sometimes even stroke) my purchases.  Because there are always purchases; I have a slight shopping addiction, you see, and I don’t remember the last time I came home from a look round the shops empty-handed.

My favourite place to look around is John Lewis. The staff are always friendly and knowledgeable   Whether it be buying our dishwasher or our hoover, to sourcing fabric, I’ve only ever had a good experience at JL.

So it’s probably no real surprise that John Lewis is my first port of call for online window-shopping, and what I’ve been window-shopping for recently is my dream kitchen.  Well, why not?  I spend enough time in the kitchen anyway, I might as well have a wishlist of things I’d like to make it perfect. 


First up, everyone’s favourite food mixer, the KitchenAid Artisan.  In ice blue, please.  I know I am not the only person to have dribbled over these beauties.  When I see these in all their retro glory, I have to stop and covet.  Ross gets annoyed with me. I don’t care.  I reckon everything I made in a KitchenAid would taste as if it were made by angels.


And if I have a mixer, I might as well have a food processor, too.  I debated putting one of these on our wedding giftlist but thought it was just a bit on the expensive side.  My mum always says you get what you pay for with kitchen gadgets (in other words, chuck some dinero and up-spec a little), so if I had the cash to burn, I would not feel any buyer’s remorse at all for shelling out for this Magimix.


A whistling kettle.  If I didn’t have a rubbishy, ancient electric hob that took decades to heat up, I’d definitely splash out on one of these.  I adore them.  But I fear our electricity bill would shoot through the roof trying to get it to boil.  When we went to France last year, we had one in our accommodation, and I loved it. There is something incredibly homely about a whistling kettle.


Duralex glasses.  Actually, Ross and I are off on a day trip to France next weekend, and I am going to pick up a stackload of these to replace our current glassware, but they still made my list because I don’t have any yet.  I want to use them for everything from water to wine.  So French, so cute.  J’adore!

vero cutlery

Finally, I really love this cutlery set.  The colours are so vibrant, and the range comes in loads of different colours – I love the idea of mixing and matching.  We have so much cutlery (including proper soup spoons and cake forks) that I can’t ever see me buying them, but a girl can dream, si?

What would be in your dream kitchen? Or, if you couldn’t give two figs about cooking, which room do you dream of doing up?

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  1. Such a pretty post! Miss John Lewis now we live in Leeds but get my fix in Waitrose and whenever we are back in London or Manchester. Everything about the store is WOW!

  2. Love, love love John Lewis! All your picks are a must for a kitchen, but I really want a table and chairs, nice chunky country type set, but first I need a bigger kitchen and I’m not sure John Lewis sell those!

    Enjoy France

  3. ooh I love browsing John Lewis online, I’m too scared to step into a real life one! I love that ice blue Kitchenaid. I’ve lost count of the number of cheap food processors I’ve had & they’re all crap….I think it might have to be a magimix next time!

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