Cycling in the Vendée

I don’t think this post could have come at a better time, given all the gold medals we’ve just  won at the Olympics for cycling.  The Vendée region of France is very popular for cycling, and has a lot of dedicated cycle paths and routes.

We decided to hire bikes whilst we were on holiday and check some of them out, and made a little video about it.

Even though it was a damp day and spitting with warm summer rain, we got a decent few hours riding in, stopped for a picnic lunch in the forest before bundling our sleepy toddler back in the trailer and heading back to the Siblu village.

We are no Pendleton and Wiggins (though Ross is a very keen cyclist), but it was a very fun day out, and I’ve come back to the UK on the lookout for a bike of my own.  How is that for inspiration?

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