Crossing the Channel with Brittany Ferries

We’re back from our week at Le Bois Masson Siblu holiday village.  We travelled over to France last saturday morning on Brittany Ferries.  The ferry was early – sailing at 8:30am, and we bundled two very sleepy children into the car at 6am, and were off with a flask of coffee and stacks of sausage sandwiches to eat at the port.

Getting on to the boat was quick and hasslefree.  We had a cabin – almost certainly a must if you’re travelling with young children as it provides somewhere calm, quiet and safe to rest on an otherwise packed ship.  An outside berth, complete with porthole and ensuite facilities costs under £40 for the crossing.  Surely then a no brainer.

The crossing took just over six hours from Portsmouth to Caen, and during that time we wondered around on deck, waving off the UK with a cup of coffee and excited children, had a sleep in the cabin, grabbed a quick bite in one of the three on-board eateries, and browsed the duty free shop.  Both Euros and Sterling are accepted everywhere on board, so we didn’t have to cut into our holiday Euro cash stash, and there is a bureau de change if needed.

Six hours on a boat might seem like a long time, especially if you have small children to keep occupied, but Brittany Ferries had thought that through, making for a very family friendly crossing.  There was a magic show, a cinema, and a soft play area for kids.

Driving off the ferry and into France took a little longer, which we weren’t expecting, and getting through customs took about an hour.  We then had a five hour drive from Normandy down to the Vendée.  The downside of the crossing taking as long as it does meant that we were in a bit of a hurry to get to the Siblu village before reception closed at 8pm, and we only stopped for a few minutes at an aire.  As it happens we didn’t make it in time, but our welcome pack had been left in a designated late arrivals box.

Next up… Staying in a Siblu holiday village.

Disclosure: My family and I were offered a week in a Siblu Village in France with ferry crossing included.  All opinions and experiences are our own.

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  1. blimey Steph i think you all did so well – especially your children – to manage such a long day of travelling. good on you for attempting it, i dont’ know if i could face it just yet x

  2. How weird, we got the later ferry on the same day and were literally just waved through customs – maybe it depends on their mood? But that made for a very late arrival at our siblu site even though it’s only an hour from Caen. Not back for a week, but I’ll let you know when I’ve done my review – I think ours was quite different from the other sites, so I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone’s views!

    1. OH wow thank you so much! What a lovely comment! I’m going to have a gander at yours now xx

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