Crocheted Snowflakes

I’ve put aside my blanket for now because I’ve had a rather lovely idea for our Christmas cards.

Yep, I am aware it’s a while until Christmas, but as the main part of the card is going to be a crocheted snowflake, using a pattern from Attic24 which can be removed and used as a handmade-with-love Christmas decoration, I thought I’d better get started.

(Our Christmas card list is not small)

And fortunately, as it turns out, crocheting up snowflakes is really quick, very easy, and stupidly addictive.  So quick and easy, in fact, that I reckon I’ll have boatloads done in no time.

So if you’d like a pretty crocheted snowflake card/christmas deccy, then send me an email and I’ll gladly share the love.

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