Conversations on the M4

This weekend we are going to a festival in Oxfordshire. 

We are going to eat gourmet street food.  We are going to dance to Basement Jaxx, Dodgy and Rizzle Kicks.  We are going to eat, drink and be very very merry (Well, I am) .  I will spend hours perusing the market stalls, tasting Alex James’ cheeses (which is what I am looking forward to the very most if I am honest) and looking for pretty things to adorn my house with. 

The journey to the festival is going to take around two hours, and that will present my husband with ample opportunity to persuade me that the purchase of a camper van is a good idea.  He’ll pick his time well.  No doubt when we’ve stopped at a service station on the motorway so the kids can go to the loo.  The car will be jam packed full of stuff; ear defenders, a back carrier for the toddler, spare clothes, pull ups, wellies.  I’ll be stressed that the one thing I need was packed first and is in the very bottom of the boot, rendering it completely inaccessible. 

He’ll start with, “So, you know I’ve been looking at campers.  And that I initially wanted a vintage V-dub, but, I’ve done some research, and as lovely as they are, they are money pits.  So how about a California?”


“You remember, when we were waiting to get on the ferry in France, a load of them drove off?  Alloy wheels, tinted windows, a long wheel base, and a proper bike rack on the back”

The mention of the bike rack will be to lure me in, he knows I like cycling.  We both do. 

“AND you can deck it out inside however you want.  Some even have mini fridges, and tables, and sleeping space in the roof, it would be great for holidays”

I will have to concede that he does, indeed, make a good point.  One would be great for holidays, and festivals, and spur-of-the-moment weekend jaunts.  Especially with a mini fridge; well, you have to keep the beers cold somewhere, right? 

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