Christmas Tree, O (beautifully gaudy) Christmas Tree

Near where we live, there is a garden centre where you can cut down (or dig up) your own Christmas tree for £15.  They grow them out in a big field at the back of the garden centre, and you go along with a saw or a shovel, pick out your tree and cut it down. 

I love this.  It makes picking out our tree something really exciting for my children me, and I love how, by doing it this way, we’re supporting a local business.

christmas trees arturi garden centre

So last Sunday, this is what we did. 

arturi christmas trees

We spent a little while finding our perfect tree.  One that was nice and bushy at the bottom, not too big (shorter than my 5ft 5in – it goes on a little table), with lots of branches – we have many many baubles. 

As you can imagine, Ross felt manly indeed, brandishing a big saw around.  I am man:  see me saw tree. 

ross christmas tree

Elliot and Roo (but especially Elliot) loved running in between the trees.  He ran off to play hide and seek more than once. 

elliot christmas tree

roo christmas tree

Tree liberated from the ground, we stomped back up the field to pay, and have a nosy around the shop. 

ross christmas tree 2

And once we’d got home and dinner was cooking (which, by the way was Ree Drummond’s meatloaf with mashed potatoes and green beans – a dinner of mid-western kings.  Yes Ma’am) it was time to decorate.

christmas decs

We tend to go for gaudy, blousy decs, with all the things the children have made over the years.  Our angel is made from a paper plate and sequins and I love it.  We have paper baubles with tinsel stuck on, bells, candy canes, tiny glass baubles, a painted balsa wood birdhouse, loads of lights.  And of course, a crocheted snowflake or two.  As much as I adore the look of pristine red and white scandinavian decorations (I really do, you can’t have too many ornately painted wooden birds and hearts), Christmas is a magical time of year for the kids and our tree always reflects that. 

christmas tree decs

I love this little dude. 

christmas tree cat

There was a bowl of chocolatey, nutty, Christmas nougat, procured from the garden centre at the same time as the tree. I loved it.  It did not last long. 

christmas nougat

So, Internets, have you put up your tree yet?  Do you go for the gaudy and embrace all things tacky or daintily and meticulously hang your decorations?

Bonus points if you have lametta knocking about! 



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  1. I wrote about Christmas Trees this morning too!

    Love that you can choose your own like that and cut it down in such a lumberjack manly fashion.

    You should have scooped up the sawdust and brought it home for a bit of festive food smoking action! x

  2. I love that you could dig or chop your own tree down/up!
    I wonder if our local PYO does that as we did see them growing in the summer.
    I’m with you on the decorating the tree – ours is covered in child made decs.
    Then we have a small one for our room that has the delicate snowglobes with the children’s names on.

  3. What a lovely way to spend a christmassy day! Although I am amazed how early everyone is getting their tree up this year – ours isn’t up yet

  4. We’re putting ours up this Saturday. I’m planning mulled cider, sitting back and letting the children decorate it. Then I’ll step in when they’re not looking to rearrange it all as I’m a CONTROL FREAK!! I love your cat! We have a range of decs – all coordinated in size and colour. Or they will be ;)

  5. OH much nicer than going up in the loft and getting your tree down. I love the decorating and re-discovering of all my decorations, I forget about most of them and it’s like opening new gifts every year…..I’m so easily pleased :D

  6. oh i love this idea of “pick your own”. we can’t have a real tree though as the underfloor heating absolutely mullers it. our tree is all white, but i think you might have guessed that!

  7. Have just shown my OH this post as he would love to dig up a tree!
    I have to admit that I have given the girls a Christmas tree for them to decorate to their hearts content, which leaves my Christmas free for me to decorate with colour co-ordinated loveliness x

  8. We put up our tree on December 1st – I refuse to wait any longer as I’m one of those sickening people who loves everything to do with Christmas. And yes, our decs are mainly gaudy, multi-coloured ones. Can’t understand people with children who have to have a “designer-look” tree, with all matching colours. A member of my family even insists on her wrapping paper being the same colour as her tree, so all the presents match *shakes head in wonder*

  9. We can’t have a tree – with 4 mad cats (well, 3 mad and one staid) it would be asking for trouble. But it does make me sad :-(
    I have lots of lovely decorations for a tree, collected over the years but it is not to be. All our decorating is above cat heigh. I shall do the Christmas decs this Sunday, it being the second Sunday in Advent which is DECORATING DAY! Huzzah!

    I think it looks as though you all had a great day choosing your tree.

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