Christmas came early chez Chapman

We finally joined the masses and bought ourselves an iPad.

We’re looking at it as a gift for the whole family.  Something for us all to enjoy.  Something Ross can use for work.  Something that means I am not tethered to the power cable of my laptop-that-wishes-it-was-desktop.

Well, MacBook circa 2007, two can play that game.  I point blank refuse to buy a new battery.  Instead, I will use the shiny new iPad of glory, and read blogs IN BED! BOOYAH!

Anyway, as you can see, Roo has taken quite the shine to the iPad.  It’s just the right size for her, and seeing as she’s been confident using an iPhone since she was about 10 months old, the touch screen poses no problem for her whatsoever.

So, talk to me, people who were on the ball long before us, veterans of the iPad, about apps for three year olds.

Any you would recommend? Any we should avoid? Best free ones? Best paid ones?

Go on, help a gal out, all in the spirit of Christmas… or something.

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  1. cripes I’m not the best person to ask, will have to ask Actually Daddy, but I’m about to do a review of Rockford’s Rock Opera which looks great (not free though). My kids are addicted to fruit ninja I’m afraid! Cute blog btw :))

  2. I will keep an eye out for your review. At the moment we have a Disney Princess dress up app that Roo insisted on, and since I am rather partial to a Disney Princess I was happy to get for her. But I think that will get boring in no time flat.

  3. Its a wise buy!! I have found with the free apps that when you start playing them they are like tasters and you may end up soending the £1.49 or whatever to buy whole app anyway. Some good ones that coSt more but are really good are the read along books eg. Toy story ones, shrek and kung foo panda
    There are lots of good educational ones for learning spelling, counting etc just search kids free apps or kids apps if prepared to pay as some arent that expensive. I have reviewed a few on my blog too

    Good luck and enjoy it xx

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