Calshot Spit

This is the first year I’ve legitimately been able to talk about, and be involved with, school holidays.  Roo’s preschool only runs in term time.  So yesterday, we made the most of the glorious sunshine, and the fact that we live on the South Coast, and I took my children to Calshot Spit.

Calshot is probably one of my favourite places to go to in Hampshire.  I don’t make the drive too often, as, even though I only live across the water in Southampton, you have to drive all the way up one side of the inlet, and back down the other.  But I am always pleased to be there.

There are hundreds of pretty beach huts, a shingle beach with loads of groynes to scramble over, a castle at the end of the spit, and it’s the best place to sit and watch the boats sail in and out of Southampton.  On a clear day you can see all the way to Portsmouth, and over to Cowes on the Isle of Wight.

Yesterday, the sky was blue, the sea was calm, and the beach was deserted.  I met my oldest friend (seriously, we’ve known each other since we were five) and we took a picnic. Elliot fed most of his sandwich to the seagulls, and Roo collected a lot of shells, which are now in her bucket in my dining room.  I am going to put them in a box frame infront of a photo of the beach, and hang it in the upstairs landing.

If you ever find yourself in my corner of the world, go to Calshot, (or Lepe, which is nearby, and also very nice, so I am told), ignore the dirty great power station at Fawley, and take a deep lungful of ozoney sea air.

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  1. Looks lovely. I really like the coastline in your area of the world – only recently discovered it after spending a lifetime holidaying in Norfolk or Cornwall. I’ll add it to my places to go list. Great photos.

  2. lol I love Calshot but had to airbrush the power station tower out of a photo recently taken there!!!!

    Lepe is amazeballs and you can walk to it along the beach from Calshot if you are feeling brave.

    Holler next time you are coming over and we’ll join you :D

  3. Oh how lovely that you make a memory with the shells. We have brought home countless shells that all languish in a box and break and cut little toes! Must try to follow your lead. Btw nothing better than a beach hut in the sunshine

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