Broadcasting Myself

You may have noticed that recently I’ve been doing things a little differently.  I’ve stepped away from my keyboard and plonked myself firmly down in front of my webcam. (wait, they are all of about 9 inches away from each other, but, you get the idea) I’ve been broadcasting myself on YouTube and really bloody enjoying it.

This is all part of some changes I’m making to this here blog.  A bit of a rebrand if you will.  Over the next month I’ll be getting my long suffering super willing and enthusiastic husband  to sort me out with a new look to my little corner of the internet, which will *hopefully* make it easier to have a look around as well as be a bit more polished and pretty.  He’s a bit of a diamond.

So, if you’re lovely enough to read my blog, and you’d like to have a peek at me on YouTube, then I’d love it if you’d subscribe to my channel.  My plans are to have a weekly video called “Helping Mummy In The Kitchen”, which is, as the name suggests, my daughter and I cooking up a storm interjected with her amusing commentary and cheeky little face.  A monthly roundup of my GlossyBox, and then whatever else tickles my fancy.

And don’t worry, I won’t ever stop writing, I love it far too much.  This is merely a way of expanding my audience.  Not sure why I haven’t done it before, being the wife of a video producer and all.

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  1. Another vote for how nice it is to see you on film! I love vlogs. Wish I wasn’t so self-conscious about seeing myself on camera, it looks like a lot of fun.

  2. Hey Steph, Love that you are doing all this vlogging – you are very good at it! Hmmm wonder if I could be tempted to get my camera out…. not yet ;) I’m also brainstorming on a few new ideas for my blog. Did you see my new banner and buttons and what not? I’d love your feedback :) x

    1. Ahh definitely get your camera out. I was SO nervous at first, but after a few I seem to have relaxed a bit :) I did see your new look! I take it Little Lish is starring? She’s SO cute! Gorgeous hair. I very much like your colour scheme too. Nicely done :)

      Just realised that you might not see this unless you subscribed to comments, so I’ll tweet at you too xx

  3. I just think I’d get all tongue tied and start laughing or something! But then I guess you edit those bits out. Thanks honey, I am working hard on trying to put some structure into place, categories and make it look a bit prettier… think I am slowly getting there, man it takes so much time though, boooo! She is a cutie with very funny ways, I love her to bits. Oooh and what a cutie Roo is, loved seeing her at the farm hahaha, Littlelish is the same, freaking loves animals. While all the other kids are terrified of having their hands bitten off she is feeding the sheep, the donkeys – can’t get enough of it. x

  4. Oooh I am very late on commenting on this, but I LOVE the videos! So sweet :)

    I’m also very bad at commenting these days, but wanted to let you know that I tagged you in the BritMums Live Meme and Linky (I don’t think I saw your name in the Linky, but apologies if you’ve already done it and I missed it!)

    Not long now :)

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