Angry Toddler is Angry

Today I’ve mostly been dealing with this little face of woe and anguish.

angry toddler

That is not the face of a little boy who was appeased with chocolate chips on his readybrek, no sir.  Elliot made that face today when:

  1. I asked him to step into his snow suit, before the school run.  Wrestling a wilful toddler into a snowsuit at 8:25am is horrendous.
  2. I suggested we find some stories to read.
  3. I told him it was time to go to Sainsbury’s.  To be fair, I sometimes make that face when it’s time to go food shopping.
  4. It was time to get off the travelator at Sainsbury’s.  He lay, face down, at the bottom and narrowly missed getting run over by a trolley.
  5. I asked him (nicely) not to double (triple, quadruple) dip his slobbery, half masticated pitta bread into the pot of houmous at lunchtime.
  6. I sang the wrong verse of The Wheels On The Bus…
  7. … And then Row Row Row Your Boat.
  8. He realised he’d eaten all his sausage at dinner time, and there was, infact, no more. Only potato.
  9. I wouldn’t let him drink my (much needed at that point) glass of wine.
  10. It was time to change his nappy at bedtime.

Kid, I get that you’re learning to talk and your little brain is going into overdrive making all those new synapses.  I think it’s great you have said three new words today (chocolate, work, London).  And I know it must be very frustrating when it’s difficult making yourself understood, but please cheer up.  It’s NOT the end of the world if the doors on the bus open and shut before the horn toot toot toots, and double dipping your pitta bread is frowned upon in polite society.  You’ll thank me when you’re older.

So, parents of small children.  I know I’m not the only one who has had days like that.  What makes your toddler cross? And, do they have a hilarious angry face?

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  1. Haha! Oops, I mean Oh Dear.

    We have days like this when it’s the end of the world when I suggest pink pants when clearly I should have selected the yellow ones.

    To be fair though I often react in much the same way when I can’t get the cork out of the bottle.

  2. Oh my, do I understand this post! Age 2.5 you have a LOT to answer for! My monkey is still non verbal; somedays this is a curse and sometimes a blessing. But the whining OH GOD the whining. I can’t get a straight face when she throws a wobbly because the toy giraffe won’t fit through the toy window. Gets me through it! x

  3. How you will look back on this and laugh. Probably. At least it’s only a phase. Probably.
    Luckily screw top wine is always on special offer somewhere. Definitely.

    1. I was incredibly pleased to find a chilled bottle of sauv blanc in the fridge. Toddlers! Who’d have them?!

  4. my 5 year old? he sulks everytime, EVERYTIME, i ask him to brush his teeth and wash his face…he’s been doing this twice a day for the past 4 years…you’d think he’d be used to it by now?!

  5. Oh god sometimes i can laugh others i just want to join in *mature*
    We are our first full day of holiday today staying with the inlaws in south Africa…meltdown occurred when the girl who LOVES the bath did not want one.
    She was a sticky sweaty filthy mess trying to make herself 3 foot wide to avoid the bath – why why why

  6. I have a threenager, he gets cross at most things too. Yesterday it was because I asked him if he wanted to do a wee before we left the house. He shouted at me for 20 minutes. So frustrating on days like these but wine helps :-)

  7. This sounds so familiar. Amy gets so frustrated because I can’t understand 99.9% of what she’s trying to say and it makes me feel so bad at times. Big hugs, you’re not alone x

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