5:2 Friday

5:2 dietI’ve not done a 5:2 Friday post in ages, but today I am because I’m irked.  I have gained!  Only half a pound, but still.  I managed my fasts, I exercised, I am back into the normal routine after a half term blowout where I definitely let things slide a bit (no exercise, lots of party food). 

I’ll be honest, I was hoping my scales had broken, but I got on and off and reset those badboys 3 times and each time the reading was the same.  

Anyway, despite that smidgeon of disappointment in an otherwise rather pleasant week, I won’t let it deflate me too much.  Here is what I’ve been eating on my fasting days.

Fasting Day 1 (Monday)

Monday is a busy day for me.  In the morning I take Elliot to playgroup, where he’ll usually have lunch.  Then as soon as we are back from school in the afternoon, it’s a quick change into her ballet clothes for Roo, before we’re out of the door again to get to her class by 4pm.  I don’t have long to sort out dinner.  This week, however, my Mum was visiting, so she took Roo to her dance class, whilst I made a batch of minestrone soup.  I left out the sausage and added broccoli and asparagus instead, which made it really summery.  Even my kids liked it, which was pleasing, as they usually shun at least part of their dinner most days.  They ate theirs with homemade bread and salty butter, and I enjoyed a bowl of it as it came.

I find this soup really filling and a really nice, easy and adaptable meal whether you’re fasting or not.

5-2 minestrone 1


Fasting Day 2 (Thursday)

Yesterday was a teeny bit of a let down.  I had planned to have a piece of toast in the morning, then a tall skinny iced latte which would have lasted me until dinnertime, and then a tomato based pasta sauce served over shredded cabbage instead of pasta.  

Well, the toast was great, and after I’d nipped into town with Elliot in tow to buy a birthday present for a boy who’s party Roo is going to tomorrow, I was gagging for that iced latte.  So into Starbucks we ventured and I ordered my drink.

“Would you like a sugar free syrup in that?” the barista asked.  Yeah, go on then.  Big mistake.  In December I made the conscious decision to cut out artificial sweeteners.  Nasty chemically crap I don’t want in my body.  I have done really well, not a drop of Diet Coke has passed my lips since Christmas, and I don’t tend to buy sweeteners anyway, so cutting them out hasn’t been at all problematic.  So I am not quite sure what made me have a sugar-free vanilla shot in my coffee, but as soon as I tasted it I wished I hadn’t.  It had a really nasty synthetic flavour to it, and within about 10 minutes my head was pounding.  I drink caffeinated coffee pretty much every day, and I wasn’t at all dehydrated, so it definitely wasn’t the coffee that made my head ache.  I can only attribute it to the sucralose in the syrup.  Anyway, needless to say I couldn’t drink more than about a quarter of the drink.  Money well spent.  Ahem.  Instead I had a bite of my son’s sandwich and a couple of wine gums.

I don’t even really like wine gums.  I just ate them because they were there.  Despondent? Moi? 

Dinner, however, was much nicer.  I made my lemony aubergine pasta sauce, heaped it over some steamed cabbage and treated myself to some parmesan.  

pasta sauce

The half pound gain takes me to 9st12lbs. So it’s not like I’m really overweight, I just don’t like seeing the scales go that way.  I feel like I need a pep talk to spur me on again, so if you want to kick me up the butt, go ahead. 

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