5:2 Friday

5:2 dietWelcome to 5:2 Friday!

This is a brand new linky where folk doing the 5:2 diet can share recipe ideas, inspiration, meal plans. Whatever you like.  Join in, link up, make yourself at home, I’ll pop the kettle on.

This week has been pretty easy for me, as I’ve been staying with my mum.  She also does the 5:2 diet and we have been supporting each other.  She really helped me keep my mitts out of the chocolate box whilst we sat around the fire on Monday night.  She’s a goodun, my Ma.

5:2 cauliflower riceI tried something new on Thursday and made cauliflower rice, which I have heard a lot about recently, and got from here.  It was interesting.  Nice.  Definitely a base for something, rather than a dry accompaniment. It would be lovely with a curry, or in place of cous cous in a tabouleh.

So, here are this week’s meals.

Fasting Day 1 (Monday)


125g of plain, low fat yoghurt (76 cals), and one tablespoon of my epic homemade granola. (65 cals)

Meal Total: 141 Calories


Naughtily skipped as we ate breakfast relatively late and by the time lunchtime rolled around, we were in the car driving up to London.

Meal Total: 0 Calories (tut tut)


My standard 75g portion of salmon (which works out at about half a standard fillet – Mum had the other half), (166 cals) with Green veggies. (approximately 50 cals)

5:2 poached salmonI poached the salmon in a tin foil parcel with a slice of lemon on top of the fish, and served it with shredded white cabbage, leeks, broccoli and spinach, and a roasted cherry tomato.

Because I skipped lunch, I figured I had enough calories left for a sneaky glass of white wine.  And jolly nice it was, too (approximately 100 cals).

Meal Total: 316 Calories

Day Total: 457 calories

Fasting day 2 (Thursday)


125g of plain low fat yoghurt (76 cals) topped with 1 tablespoon of Dorset Cereal Honey Granola (I couldn’t work out the calorie information for this because maths really isn’t my forte, but I am going to assume it’s roughly the same as my home made (65 cals)

2 cups of coffee with milk and 1 teaspoon of sugar in each (104 calories).  I wish I had just had the one cup, because I then had to restrict myself a little at dinner.  And if there is one thing I do not like, it’s restricting myself when there is delicious dinner involved.

Meal Total: 245 Calories


A small bowl of tomatoey vegetable soup (115 cals approximately).  Higher than my normal tomato and vegetable soup, which comes in at 87 calories/mug, but it had a handful of lentils and a potato thrown in for bulk and good measure.

Meal Total: 115 Calories


50g boiled smoked gammon (82 cals) with 50g of cauliflower rice (15 cals), 50g broccoli (5 cals), 50g leeks (11 cals)

5-2 meal

Meal Total: 113 calories

Day total: 473 calories

Notes: Calorie information taken from livestrong.com

If you’re doing the 5:2 diet and want to join in, then I’d love you to link up and have a look at other entries for ideas and inspiration.  Please also grab the badge for your post.

And like always, if you found this useful, please feel free to share the love and pin, +1, like.  You know the drill!

5:2 Friday
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  1. I love cauliflower rice! I like to make fake risotto with it! Good for fake paella too. Yum yum!

  2. that cauliflower rice is a good idea, isn’t it – hadn’t come across that before. I still didn’t try the cabbage pasta idea this week – may be next! Anyway, I added my post to the link. Thanks for organising!

    1. I think I prefer the cabbage spag to the cauliflower rice, but I’ll try it again with a very low cal curry or something.

      Thanks for linking up! x

  3. I’ve seen the cauliflower rice & I was going to add one to my shopping list for this week to see if it’s as good as I’ve heard it is. This diet really makes you stop & think before having another cuppa doesn’t it..which is why I’m glad that I like my herbal teas now. I never have cereal for breakfast on a fast day as I know I would never be able to stop at just 1 tbsp!
    I’ll be linking my recipes up now./..

  4. I’m quite surprised by how much you can actually eat when you restrict yourself to 500 calories, and your meals look delicious! Good luck!

    1. Yes! It really is. I lose between 1 and 2 lbs a week, and I have to say it’s really easy – especially if you cook from scratch and like to be creative. Give it a go (and then join in the linky on a friday :) I find I can eat quite a lot of green veggies, and feel full, but never really too full or bloated. I also find I want smaller portions on the other days.

    2. I’ also torturing myself with the 30 day shred. But that is mainly to tone up my post children jelly belly.

        1. What on earth is the 30 day shred? I have a jelly belly that needs to be banished (wish I could attribute it to kiddie winkles but alas not!)

          1. The 30 day shred is a 20 minute workout DVD by Jillian Michaels, who is the personal trainer on The Biggest Loser USA. She is hardcore, and the shred is difficult, but you really see results quickly. It’s 3 levels, 10 days at level 1, 10 at level 2 and 10 at 3, and each level is progressively harder. It focuses on resistance training, cardio and ab work. I love it. Its worth giving it a try (it’s on YouTube so you don’t even have to shell out for the DVD)

  5. Started the 5:2 last week and I’ve just frozen a couple of bags of cauliflower rice to have with Red Lentil Tikka Masala on my next fast day on Tuesday. Can’t wait to try it!

      1. It looks pretty gorgeous too! The recipe was in The Times colour supplement last Saturday along with some other great looking recipes all from the 5:2 Diet Recipe Book. Not sure if posting it on here would be allowed (copyright etc) – what do you think? I’m definitely making it tomorrow for the first time so will let you know how it tastes.

        1. Right! I’m on the hunt. My mum always gets The Times on a Saturday so I’ll see if she still has it.

          1. It was in the middle of the magazine and it’s called “Eat”. It’s there every week but last week was a special 5:2 edition. I was so impressed with the recipes that I have ordered the book today. I bought the 5:2 cookbook (by Angela Dowden) previously and was totally unimpressed but I hope this one will be much better. I’m actually looking forward to my fast day tomorrow – only number 2 so how encouraging is that?

            PS – I am happy to send you the Tikka Masala recipe in a private message if it turns out to be fabulosamondo – you may decline if it turns out to be pants!

  6. Made the Red Lentil Tikka Masala tonight and it was AWESOME! I had a portion (218 cals) with 125g of Cauliflower Rice (37.5 cals) and a 100g grilled breakfast mushroom (15 cals) so 270.5cals in total for a really filling, delicious dinner. It was so good that my hubby, who isn’t fasting, ditched what he planned to have for dinner and ate two of the portions I planned to freeze! Will definitely make it again and have plans to adapt the basis of the curry to make a Chicken Tikka Masala for feast days. Hope you managed to find the “Eat” supplement so you can try it too.

    1. Yum! I didn’t manage to get hold of the supplement, do you think you could email me the recipe? You can use the contact form on the Contact Me page :) xx

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