5:2 Friday

5:2 dietI find the only way I can maintain this intermittent fasting lark is to really carefully plan out meals.  If I leave any room for movement I fail spectacularly.  Think, getting to mid-afternoon and reaching for biscuits/crisps/chocolate.

So, fasting meals are planned with military precision.  I’m going to document them right here, every friday (hence 5:2 Friday).

If you are also following the 5:2 diet, please feel free to comment with your meals.  Also, if you would like to see these posts as a linky so you can join in, please let me know.


Here are this week’s meals:

Fasting Day 1 (Tuesday)


5:2 apple, yoghurt, granola

125g of low fat plain yoghurt, with half an apple grated over (which equated to 35g), and a tablespoon of granola.  I removed the nuts and seeds from my granola and popped them back in the jar.  It’s all calories, right?! Its times like that I am pleased I only have to faff about like that twice a week, usually I’d heap the granola on and go to TOWN!

A mug of green tea.

Meal total = 160 cals



Skinny Green Soup.  I usually have a soup for lunch on fasting days.  This time I made a green one.  I probably won’t blog the recipe, as to be honest, it wasn’t my best soup, but it was made from celery, 2 small carrots, broccoli, 1 leek, a handful of spinach, 500ml vegetable stock, and a fair bit of seasoning.  It was all right, but nothing special.  I had a big mugful, sprinkled with paprika, and a tiny bit of feta cheese crumbled over.

Oh, and a quarter of a mini pork pie that Elliot left on his plate.

Meal total = 147 cals


5:2 poached salmon

75g of poached salmon, on a, frankly enormous, bed of green vegetables (75g leeks, 45g broccoli, 70g mange tout, 150g shredded white cabbage) with soy sauce drizzled over.  I have to say, this meal was really lovely.  I’ll make this again, maybe even when I’m not on a fasting day.

Meal total = 196 cals

Day total = 503 cals

Fasting Day 2 (Thursday)


125g low fat yoghurt with a tablespoon of granola.  No apple this time.

A cup of coffee with 1 sugar and milk

Meal total = 201 cals


The rest of the green soup.  This time, instead of the feta I grated on about 5g goats cheese and ate it with half a toasted white pitta bread.  The cheese didn’t really make the soup any more interesting, and was a waste of calories. Same with the pitta bread.  Next week, I’ll make a nicer soup.  You live and learn.

Meal total = 144 cals


5:2 puttanesca

Puttanesca on very 200g finely shredded white cabbage instead of pasta.  This is a trick I got from The Londoner, who calls it skinny spaghetti.  It’s rather nice, especially if you season it well and don’t overcook it, and it doesn’t give you the pasta-bloat.  Not that I am knocking pasta, I love the stuff, but a plate of pasta is no friend to the dieter.

Puttanesca is one of my very favourite pasta sauces, second only to bolognese.  The next time I make a batch, I’m going to blog the recipe, but it’s essentially anchovies, chilli, a lot of garlic, capers, olives and a tin of tomatoes.

Meal total = 87 cals.

Day total = 432 cals

Things to note:

  • I get my nutrition information from the MyPlate feature on livestrong.com.  It’s well worth signing up to Livestrong, as it’s an amazing source of information and inspiration if you’re trying to slim down, tone up, or even just keep and eye on what you’re eating.  Their Pinterest boards are good, too.
  • To get the calorie information for my granola, I used the MyRecipe feature on livestrong.  The recipe yields 20 servings, and I guessed at a tablespoon (63 cals) being approximately half a serving, and so that is what I entered on MyPlate.  This is, of course, an approximation, but I am not going to get too bogged down with pin-point accuracy, because who can be bothered with that.

If you liked this post and found it useful or inspiring, please share the love by pinning, tweeting, +1-ing etc.  Muchas gracias!

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  1. A handy hint to all (even to me): Don’t have biscuits/crisps/chocolate in the house at all. They could explain why you feel you need thin days.
    You should not be snacking even on a non thin day. Perhaps get them just for special occasions / treat days.

  2. Loved this post, im hopog to start when we get back from visiting the relatives and have been miffed at how the hell to do the 500 calorie days.
    Also pleased to see someone trying skinny spaghetti and enjoying it!!!

    1. It’s amazing how much you can eat for 500 cals – the salmon meal was a prime example. I was SO full afterwards.

      As much as I find Rosie Londoner a bit irritating, I can’t fault that skinny spaghetti tip, it’s really good.

      Thanks for popping by xx

  3. Ooo now I had a shop bought soup which I thought could be a goer for you to make as a low cal soup the other day – it was pea, spinach and coriander and it tasted fab :D

  4. Posting the meals is a great idea. I’m doing the 5:2 thing and I’m definitely losing weight, but so far I’ve been working off some recipes I pulled out of a newspaper supplement, and could do with some more inspiration. The cabbage spaghetti idea is a good one. Also, the London Unattached blog has some good ideas – she’s got a tasty tomato and lentil soup which does the job as a lunch.

    I’d love to link up, if you can be bothered to do a linky, or may be I’ll do my own 5:2 Friday post occasionally – would you mind if I called it that?

  5. Fab recipes. You are good sticking to 500-I tend to veer towards 700 on fast days I reckon but soup and lots of protein in the day keep me full. It’s amazing how full you can feel on a fast day isn’t it x

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