friday night wine time

This weekend is going to be a good one.  I can feel it.

Of course, it helps that yesterday morning, I excitedly took delivery of a case of wine, thanks to Naked Wines.

It also helps that it’s a nice day, and even though Ross is working all the hours in the world at the moment, and we just never see him anymore, Ruby and I are still going to have a picnic in Tooting Bec Common with Kat and Darcy and my sister.

But back to the wine!  I’ve been perusing the BBC Good Food website for ideas for Ruby’s birthday cakes of late.  And as I saved a rather delicious looking carrot cake recipe, something caught my eye.  It was a reminder to use my £40 wine voucher.  I am the first to admit I am a marketers wet dream, and I always click links that promise deals and money off and bargains.  And even though in the back of my mind I was thinking it was too good to be true, a £40 wine voucher sounded mighty fine to me.  And the link took me to Naked Wines.  And their offer was a mixed case of 12 bottles, with essentially 50% off.  The terms and conditions said no catch, the voucher didn’t mean I had to sign up to a wine club if I didn’t want to, so I went for it, and prayed it wasn’t a scam.

Yesterday morning, early enough for me to still be in my jimjams, but late enough that Ruby had been fed and watered, my wine arrived and so last night, I cooked spaghetti and meatballs and Ross and I enjoyed a bottle of Arabella Shiraz from South Africa whilst watching Grand Designs (his choice) and Grey’s Anatomy (mine).

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