Skincare In Your Twenties vs Your Thirties

Skincare in your 30s

This year marked my thirty-second revolution around the sun, and the one thing I’ve really noticed over the last couple of years is just how much time, effort, and money I have to throw at skincare. 

When I was in my twenties, I didn’t really put much thought into my skincare routine. I used to sling a bottle of Garnier scrub in my shopping trolley and call it good. I’d dab synthetic cucumber-scented toner over my eyelids and across my cheeks. I’d rub some Olay into my cheeks and be done with it. I wore inexpensive makeup that I often didn’t take off quite as well as I could have done come the end of the day. It’s fair to say I put my skin through the mill a bit. 

But it was fine. It bounced back. I had youth on my side. And I had more money to spend on high heels and having a good time. 

Now I’m in my thirties there is no way I’d be so lax. I’ve become acutely aware that these days my skin is slightly less plump. Dries out quicker. Looks less youthful. I’m seeing wrinkles around my eyes that were categorically not there five years ago, and I’m not a huge fan of all this inevitability to be honest. These days I try to lock the moisture in with facial oils. I use a different moisturiser at night than during the day. These days, I spend more time researching products I want to put on my skin, and it’s thanking me for it. 

So in the spirit of there being a point to this post, here’s what I’m using to keep my skin looking as fresh as possible. On the whole it’s Lush skincare products, but I’m a huge fan of Rose Otto facial oil by Balance Me as well. 

lush skincare

Clockwise from left:

  1. Breath of Fresh Air toner water. This stuff has actual sea water in it, so spritzing it on your face feels super fresh. 
  2. Smuggler’s Soul. This is a fine scrub and I use it twice to three times per week to exfoliate – generally when I’m showering. The scrubby texture comes from bamboo, so you don’t need to worry about microbeads killing off marine life. I really rate this, as it doesn’t leave your skin feeling tight and it smells great. In fact, I also use it to exfoliate after a wax. I’m *told* this is limited edition, so if you see it, grab it! 
  3. 9-5. My daily cleanser of choice. How I love this product. It’s milky and moisturising. You can smooth it on and wash it off with water, or if you’re pushed for time, you can use a cotton wool pad. Plus, it takes makeup off really well, and anything that can get off my Stila eyeliner is a win in my book.  
  4. Celestial. I use a dab of this mainly as a day cream – because I tend to use the facial oil at night. It’s vanillery and sweet smelling and light, and sits well under foundation. 
  5. My only non Lush product – Rose Otto facial oil by Balance Me. No beating around the bush here, at £32/30ml this stuff is not cheap – and certainly not the most inexpensive facial oil out there. But you only need a couple of drops so it lasts ages – and I eek it out by limiting it to night use only. It’s incredibly moisturising and the rose oil is calming, so again, great for relaxing when you get into bed. In short, I’m a huge fan of facial oils. Plus, they are great to use on long haul flights as air conditioning on a plane is not a friend to the skin! 

What skincare products do you really rate? 

I Love: Fame, a Fragrance by Lady Gaga

The Fame Lady Gaga

I did a squeal when I opened my Glossybox this month, because the first thing I saw inside the box was a sample of Fame.  Well done, Glossybox, you did good. Yes.

The Fame Lady Gaga perfume
Image from
The first thing you should know about Gaga’s perfume is that it is black. Yes, opulent and inky and black (worry not, it sprays out clear).  I am told it’s the first eau de parfum to do that.

But it’s scent doesn’t really fit with the bottle it’s encased in, which, let’s face it, looks like a cross between something from War of the Worlds and a grabber machine, and you’d be forgiven for assuming it’d be quite pungent and certainly musky, perhaps even a little overpowering.  But you’d be wrong.  

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I Love: Clinique Chubby Sticks

Clinique Chubby Stick

Clinique Chubby Stick

I treated myself to a Clinique Chubby Stick from the duty free shop on the ferry last week.  I have just about run out of my beloved Laura Mercier lip gloss – which I wore on my wedding day, and just about every day after that.  I think it did very well to last two years.  Anyway, let’s not dwell, onwards and upwards.

But I’d been really drawn to their advertising recently, I am a marketeers wet dream, and when I saw the Chubby Sticks stacked up ever so nicely aboard the good ship Normandie, I figured Clinique and I could still buddy up.  

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A Salady Remedy for Sunburn

natural sunburn remedy

We spent the day at a water park today.  It was 35°C.  The inevitable happened.

It’s not like I was trying to get sunburnt, because honestly, who tries to get sunburnt?  I have been slathering myself with factor 30 minimum all week.  Boo you, skin, man up!

Anyway, when I was 17ish I went to Lindos, in Rhodes with my mum, her BFF and my sister.  If you haven’t been to Lindos, then you simply must, it’s beyond heavenly.  But perhaps wait until Greece have sorted out their money troubles first.

I digress.  My sister has the fairest skin of them all.  Seriously, she’s like Snow White, but with strawberry blonde hair instead of ebony (though she does dye it, so the ends are kind of ebonyish).  The first couple of days we were in Lindos, she got SO burnt.  She could barely lie on her back, her skin was red raw, she wept every time she moved (this may or may not be true). 

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Spring Colours

Thanks, Bazza.

There is a lady who lives up my road.  She has at least three kids and she is always immaculate. God knows how she finds the time.  Her hair is always glossy and perfect, she always has a tan.  It’s definitely fake bake or something similar, we have just waved off an English winter, after all. She always has a full face of makeup on, and she bears an almost uncanny resemblance to Frankie Sandford from The Saturdays.

It’s not the look I tend to go for, but I am impressed at her mad time management skills, and dedication to keeping herself preened.  I have never once seen her pop to the corner shop in her jim-jams and Uggs, for instance, or flash the postman in a attempt to catch a delivery, or even apply her lipstick in her rear-view mirror.  We are talking some serious minutes spent sitting infront of a mirror every single day.  If that isn’t dedication, I don’t know what is!

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