Stephanie Chapman

+ Jack of all trades, master of none.

+ Mother to a girl and a boy, born in 2008 and 2011.  

+ Pretty much incapable of following a recipe, but knows enough about food to pull it together. Usually. 

+ Enthusiastic reader of smutty romance novels.  Hooray for Kindles. 

+ Novelist.  Of the chick-lit variety.  Writing about love makes me feel all squishy inside, and I like that feeling. 

+ Former BBC employee, gig attender, pub frequenter and wearer of high heels. Now tends to live in skinny jeans and Ray Bans.  

When I’m not looking after kids (and sometimes even when I am), you’ll very likely find me:

1) attempting to write my next book. 
2) dreaming about my next jaunt abroad. 
2) singing loudly into my pepper grinder/hairbrush/wine bottle. In my head I am Hayley Williams
3) playing one of my ukuleles.
4) getting distracted by Paul Rudd videos on YouTube… 
5) … Or pretty much anything on YouTube.



  1. Hello there.. cheers to your super cute family..

    i would follow you and would look forward reading your new posts.. cheers!!

  2. Hiya, just having a little look at the blog, I’ver just started blogging myself and live on the south coast too, down in Portsmouth. Have started following and look forward to more posts :)


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