5:2 Fast Day Stir Fry

5:2 Fast day stir fry

5:2 Fast day stir fryOn the way home from picking my daughter up from school on Monday, I decided I wanted stir fry for dinner.  Mainly because my fridge is SO FULL of vegetables I can barely close the door.  Usually I mix soy sauce with a bit of sesame oil and occasionally chicken stock for the sauce, but the kids have started moaning that it’s boooorrrrrrrring, MUMMMMM, and so I went on the hunt for something a little more interesting to satisfy the fussy little fusspots.

(Honestly! Boring? These children do not know they are born!)

After a quick Google search I came across this page and was sold!  I had to adapt the sauce a little because I didn’t have as much soy sauce as the recipe called for, but our stir fry was absolutely delicious all the same; sweet, sticky, packed full of veg and very very 5:2 friendly. 

We had it with brown rice (when you restrict yourself to 500 cals, you want something that is low GI and will keep you feeling full for as long as possible, so brown rice is perfect for this).  If you’re not a big fan of brown rice, you could swap it for noodles, or white rice.

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Griddled Aubergine and Courgette Gratin

griddled aubergine gratin 2

Last Thursday was a fasting day, and I wanted a meal that was healthy and filling as well as being quite low in calories.  I had a vague idea of something I was going to cook, but I wasn’t diligent at meal planning last week, so it was a bit of an experiment.  Happily, the results were tasty, and thus my griddled aubergine and courgette gratin came to be.  


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5:2 Friday

5:2 diet

5:2 dietIt’s Friday, everyone, and round these parts that means a weekly round up of the 5:2 diet.

This week, I will confess I have lost no weight.  This could be one of two things:

1) The dreaded weightloss plateau of doom.

2) I have embarked on the 30 Day Shred, and although in five days I have lost inches around my arms, thighs, hips and tummy (eternal thanks, Jillian, you drill sergeant, you) I have definitely built muscle and as everyone knows muscle weighs more than fat.  So I don’t feel too bad about no weight loss if my bod is slightly leaner.

In any case, I have valiantly continued on with 5:2 despite the rather disappointing results.  This week’s meals are:

Fasting Day 1 (Monday)


breakfast smoothie 1

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Lemony Tomato and Aubergine Pasta Sauce

5:2 diet recipe tomato aubergine pasta sauce

pasta sauceI rustled this up tonight when rootling around in the fridge, trying to decide what to have for a 5:2 friendly dinner, based on how many calories I had left for today (Not many).  But I have to say, despite being very low in fat, it doesn’t taste a bit like diet food; it’s packed with zingy flavour and the aubergine turns it from a fairly standard tomato pasta sauce into a filling and substantial meal.  I can confidently say it will become a popular meal Chez Chapman.

Oh, by the way, a serving of this sauce (not including pasta) rocks up at 86 calories.

These quantities happily serve 2, and to make this sauce you will need:

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5:2 Friday

5:2 diet

5:2 dietWelcome to 5:2 Friday!

This is a brand new linky where folk doing the 5:2 diet can share recipe ideas, inspiration, meal plans. Whatever you like.  Join in, link up, make yourself at home, I’ll pop the kettle on.

This week has been pretty easy for me, as I’ve been staying with my mum.  She also does the 5:2 diet and we have been supporting each other.  She really helped me keep my mitts out of the chocolate box whilst we sat around the fire on Monday night.  She’s a goodun, my Ma.

5:2 cauliflower riceI tried something new on Thursday and made cauliflower rice, which I have heard a lot about recently, and got from here.  It was interesting.  Nice.  Definitely a base for something, rather than a dry accompaniment. It would be lovely with a curry, or in place of cous cous in a tabouleh.

So, here are this week’s meals.

Fasting Day 1 (Monday)

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