Bake Escape! (and a GIVEAWAY)

bake escape

I’ll be honest, in the past, with the exception of Angry Birds, I have tended to avoid match three games. I downloaded Angry Birds because Elliot loves it, so I saw it as something to keep him quiet when we were waiting for Roo to finish her ballet class, and then I started playing it… 

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light pollution map

Sometimes it’s nice to sit in the dark

We live in a world that’s bathed in light. Literally, look at this map of light pollution. Woah, Elizabeth. Image from NASA C. Mayhew & R. Simmon  We use mains electricity for power meaning light is always there, generally at the flick of a switch. Just beneath our fingertips. It’s easy. It’s convenient. Light is… 

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November Playlist

November’s Playlist

November’s playlist is quite small. Mainly because I’ve been listening to Tove Lo a lot and only her EP is on Spotify. Instead, I was given her album and have been listening to it to death.  Seriously, I know all the words. It’s an amazing album. I listen to it on the walk home from… 

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hamble white dms


Today was a beach day. We went to Hamble, and I took my camera. I’m going to go back at twilight one day and take photographs of the refinery at Fawley, across the water, all lit up. I wore my beautiful new boots.  Elliot enjoyed picking up enormous rocks and bits of concrete and lobbing… 

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ukulele love


Here is something not a lot of people know about little me.  I like to play the ukulele. And by like, I mean, I bloody love it. And by like, I mean, out of all the stringed instruments out there in all the world, I think I have found the one I like the best…. 

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October Playlist

October’s Playlist

I’ve rediscovered Spotify after a bit of a hiatus. Don’t really know what made me stop using it and I suppose that’s by the by in the grand scheme of things. At the beginning of the month I make a new playlist and add to it as and when I hear something that I particularly… 

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Having SAD is terrible

I like the bitter coldness of winter. I like bundling up in my warm coat. Scarves are my favourite accessory, so that works for me, too. Thick leggings and boots. Warm jumpers. Red noses and rosy cheeks.  But what I don’t like so much is how my stupid fucking mental health takes a nosedive when… 

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