Having SAD is terrible

I like the bitter coldness of winter. I like bundling up in my warm coat. Scarves are my favourite accessory, so that works for me, too. Thick leggings and boots. Warm jumpers. Red noses and rosy cheeks.  But what I don’t like so much is how my stupid fucking mental health takes a nosedive when… 

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Mega LOLs

Clothes Swap

Last night I went to a clothes swap.  This is an annual event where I live, and the concept is simple;  Bring clothes, shoes and accessories you don’t wear anymore.  Also bring a bottle of wine (or whatever tickles your fancy) for the table.  Sit with your mates.  Have a slap up meal.  Drink and… 

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Namaste, bitches (Hot Yoga)

I’ve just done hot yoga and I’ve never known sweat like it.  Holy Mary.   If sweat is fat, crying, well mine wasn’t just having a little weep, it was bawling big, ugly tears all over the place. Literally.  I was in downward dog and the sweat was dripping off the end of my nose,… 

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salt mill microphone

Salt Mill Microphone

I’m at home a lot.  Most of the time, in fact.  Often alone, which I sometimes like and sometimes don’t. When I am at home I like to put music on, turn it up loud(ish), and then I like to sing my little heart out.  It’s cathartic, you see.  It soothes my soul.  The me… 

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stephanie chapman

So… It’s Been A While

Just a little blogette to say, that no, I haven’t in fact died, ceased to be, or given up on writing. I’ve just been spectacularly bollo at writing on here.  I’ve been writing.  I’ve been writing all summer.  Even on holiday because I couldn’t not write, even in thirty-five degree heat in the south of France,… 

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No Passport Needed: 5 Incredible Summer Staycation Destinations

News that the Passport Office is in chaos has panicked many holidaymakers fearful that the massive delays might mean they can’t travel this summer. But, there are plenty of beautiful places to visit with the family without the need to wade through any bureaucratic backlog. And, if you’re travelling during the summer holidays or saving your main family… 

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aperol spritz

Britmums Live 2014

Last weekend was my third Britmums Live, and Friday morning saw me hopping on the train up to London to visit Taste of London and meet up with my lovely blogging pals.  For me, it was a weekend full of friends, socialising, laughter and alcohol.  A lot of alcohol. So I’m going to list my… 

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